Cheryl Cole has shown that she is very much over her Malaria with a fantastic bit of dancing on the X factor promoting her new single 'Promise This' and the vocals didn't sound as bad as many of her previous live performances have.

Performing live and dancing in a very energetic manner Cheryl Cole was raunchy and owned the stage but even though she promises that her vocals were live it does look and sound like there was indeed some miming going on there.

I have no idea why viewers expect artists to deliver a perfect vocal performance whilst dancing energetically, it's like running a marathon whilst singing and then wondering why the singing is not up to par.

X factor has said that she may not have sung every single note but that may be down to backing vocals layered for effect giving the impression that she was not singing live so I am sure we can forgive her of that and her dancing was excellent.

Her time with dancer Derek Hough may have paid off well.

So all in all a great comeback for Cheryl, or maybe not.

The problem was not with the dancing/singing but with the song which is slightly catchy but then again so is Malaria.

The song is a third rate jumble of nothing and a great shame for the nation's sweetheart. I would go and buy Jordan/Katie Price's last single before this song which actually sounds better.

Sorry Cheryl, but at least Jordan's song was entertaining with that hysterical dancing of hers, but Promise This or whatever it's called has none of the depth of her already musically shallow previous album (OK the first song on her last album 3 words was very enjoyable but not live).

Cheryl you really would work well as an acoustic artist please drop this teen pop rubbish and get some real musos around you.

Trust me I know what I am talking about.

There is a voice in there somewhere and that voice has potential for channelling your tender soul but the musical medium your choosing stunts your expression.

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