Girls Aloud singer and X Factor judge, Cheryl Cole looks set to become a movie star as her crusade for world domination goes ahead to plan.

Cheryl's appearance in the Cannes Film Festival sent American (LA)  film studios into a frenzy because apparently her sultry looks in that dress proved that she has what it takes to make it in the movie business.

Acting skills were not in question, instead the focus was on her beauty, which (according to The Sun) even had Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie singing the praises of 'she that requires the Auto-tune button' (my quote, not Angelina's) who also went on to say that she had observed Cheryl making waves in The States.

It looks like the American X Factor has been a stepping stone to greatness for Cheryl and I am sure we will see her cast in some Shakespearean rework with the immortal lines from the Scottish play being rewritten.

"When shall we three chavs meet again?" is a line from MacDonaldsbeth we may hear come from Cheryl's lips very soon.

Expect her dullest tones to ring through the soundtrack to a musical version of The Merry Wives of Newcastle Windsor.

But in all seriousness she may prove the world wrong and actually find her niche in the world of acting in the USA and leave her singing career behind her …….. fingers crossed Britain!!!

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