Cheryl Cole has filed for a divorce through the High Court in London to end her four year marriage citing "unreasonable behaviour"  as the main premise. In other words she has had enough of him because she believes he can't keep his pecker in his trousers.

Poor lass.

She tried to make it work and was even contemplating trying for a baby with Ashley even after his previous infidelities but his latest string of alleged affairs was the final Straw for Cheryl and so it is over.

Now, by all reports floating around the media, it seems like Cheryl is going for a fresh start in America and may be a judge on the new American Xfactor whilst Ashley may be away playing (makes a change from playing away) footy in South Africa for the FIFA World Cup.

Cheryl's management have twittered the following message "We can confirm the divorce. We have no further comment" so I guess after much speculation, this time it's official.

Oh well there we have it, the end to another celebrity marriage.

The life of a celebrity is something that many aspire to but is it really what you would want? Would you want your husband or wife have members of the opposite sex throwing themselves at them 24 hours a day?

Didn't think so.

There is trust and then there is trust but being a high profile face increases the odds of straying.

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