Cheryl Cole has put her recent car crash with behind her to focus on promoting her new single, Under the Sun.

The Girls Aloud squawker singer has joked about the recent accident with Black Eyed peas singer/songwriter saying he was talking too much when they crashed and is now back to work promoting her new single Under the Sun to the UK market. (Video below.)

Cheryl has been photographed minus the sling on her right arm in a photo-shoot which includes her sitting on a pink exercise ball.

But the Auto-tune Queen has proven that she has made a good recovery and not forgotten her Geordie roots by attending the wedding of an old friend up in Newcastle.

The public will face the full torturous onslaught of Cheryl's voice with Under the Sun which is under imminent release.

Listening to the single is like listening to a cat giving birth to an elephant covered in glass so if  hearing Cheryl's latest offering can be avoided then it is highly recommended that one does so.

There are no redeeming features within this song and that is about as in-depth an analysis as the song deserves.

Sorry Cheryl but when are you going to listen and take up being a folk singer?

Cheryl Cole by Ian T Edwards

Cheryl Cole by Ian T Edwards

By Ian T Edwards from UK (Girls Aloud – Cheryl Cole) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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