It looks like Cheryl Cole will join Simon Cowell as a judge on the American version of X Factor after she got the wink of approval from Fox network executive and Peter Rice.

But it looks like Mr Cowell is not the ruler of the known universe as he would have us believe, which runs contrary to the beliefs of most thick people who actually believe that he is some kind of music expert.

It turns out Simon  needs to run his ideas and demands by a higher authority before they manifest themselves in what we call reality.

Speaking to Access Hollywood at the Television Critics Association seminar, Rice who is Fox network's group chairman of entertainment said "Simon's going to come to us and say 'This is who I would like the judges to be' and we will have a conversation about it."

"I think Simon is still meeting and trying to find the right mixture of men and women to be on the panel. It will be four judges as it is in England – it is two men and two women,  one of which will be Simon."

Peter Rice then went on to flatter the Girls Aloud singer by saying "If Cheryl was to be on the show, I think she's proved that she's a terrific judge. She has wonderful chemistry with Simon".

All this looks very good for the auto tuned Geordie mimer who then gets to judge someone else's ability to sing, especially as they have chosen to ignore the fact that in test viewings of Cheryl in action, many Americans could not understand what Cheryl was saying because of her Geordie accent.

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