According to reports, Black Sabbath singer and reality television star Ozzy Osbourne is said to be joining the ranks of X Factor replacing the Geordie auto-tune queen Cheryl Cole.

Ozzy as a judge would be a controversial move seeing as he has been an outspoken critic of the show in the past saying 'It’s about killing music to make light entertainment. It should be about music and talent but it’s not.'

Ozzy's Wife Sharon Osbourne is a past judge, however she left after arguments with judge, Dannii Minogue.

The full line-up for the X Factor is as yet unconfirmed (including the validity of the claims that Ozzy will be joining the judges panel) by X Factor itself however Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh will remain.

But who will the other two judges be?

The question is who cares?

If Ozzy Osbourne does join the judges panel and he sticks to his guns in pointing out that great music comes from hard work and not from singing along to karaoke (nothing wrong with karaoke but its not a measure of creative ability) backing tracks then it could be interesting.

However Ozzy joining the family orientated prime slot show is a highly unlikely outcome considering his inability to string a sentence together without swearing, which is well documented.

Let's hope this is the last series of this cultural abyss, which has been a scourge on our society and music.

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