Cheryl Cole refused to vote against her acts in last nights X factor sing off between Treyc Cohen and Katie Waissel.

The Geordie dancer and singer (cough) refused point blank to send her acts home leaving it up to Simon, Dannii and Louis to decide the fate of the two girls and it was Treyc who was sent home leaving Katie (for whom this is the third week she has been in the bottom two sing off) to go through to the next round.

Treyc Cohen who has a great voice and sang her heart out with that big voice of hers yet it was decided by the great Simon Cowell that she was not the most interesting performer out of the two even though she has the better voice so he voted against Treyc, Dannii (Sister Kylie also sang on show) voted against Katie and Louis (who had the deciding vote after Cheryl's refusal to vote) decided that Treyc should go home.

Katie sang Don't Give Up On Me and towards the end she said "Sod it" then sat on the floor and attempted in the remaining few seconds to present her case to the British public for why she should remain in the X factor by repeating the chorus lyrics "please don't give up on me".

Act of genius?

No but entertaining Yes and in fact it had a quite punk quality about it and this rebellious punk attitude is gradually creeping into the public perception of X factor with the Facebook campaigns against the show.

The penny is beginning to drop in slow motion that the X Factor is not a true test of artistic credibility, which is why so many credible artists vocalise their disdain for the show.

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