Cheryl Cole By Georges Biard (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

Photograph By Georges Biard (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

When I think of talent and an artist, Cheryl (do we still call her Cheryl Cole?) is not at the top of my list – and her appearance on The X Factor did nothing to help that.

However, after listening to the studio version of her performance of ‘Love Made Me Do It’, I was pleasantly surprised or rather, I was astonished!

Singing ‘Love Made Me Do It’ live on The X Factor did Cheryl no favours, nor did it do the song justice. It failed to sell what is rather a good song but, on closer inspection of her X Factor performance, it may not be Cheryl’s fault.

Not many females have a good projection live in the lower registers, which constitutes the bulk of the verse and that is made worse when dancing. Not many female performers can perform and sing in their weakest vocal range whilst dancing.

I also note that the choice of live microphone might have not helped push the tone of her voice. This may have caused conflict between her voice being low in the mix against the backing vocals in the chorus, to the point where her live vocal did not have a chance to blend in.

Now, I am not a huge fan of Cheryl’s but, as someone who has experience in dealing with artists both live and in studio, one thing becomes more than apparent and that is not all live singers (musicians too) translate into good studio singers and vice versa.

So I suggest not to bother watching or listening to The X Factor version of the song, listen instead to the studio version then draw your own conclusions.

It is as catchy as a cold, has spirit and a great production for a modern pop song plus her voice works very well within the mix and has actually got some real feeling in it, contrary to her live performance.

It is believable, credible and it sounds like Cheryl's timbre has appeared in a pleasing form.

In other words Cheryl has released her best solo song to date and it is actually turning into a guilty pleasure to listen to it on my iPhone – and I am not happy with this.

So, if anything, I hope her not-so-good X Factor performance will lead to people looking for the official video for ‘Love Made Me Do It’ (above).

Cheryl may have The X Factor in the studio….just not live or at very least, she needs to have a serious rethink of how she performs live and how that performance is projected to/transated by the general public.

Somebody pinch me, I just defended Cheryl as an artist!!

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