2009 saw a most sickening and depraved crime. Two brothers, children themselves, subjected two other brothers aged 10 and 11 to a horrifying ordeal of violence.

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge described their actions as ‘horrendous’.

The first Police Officer to attend to the injured youngsters, Sgt Richard Vernon, described the vision he was confronted with on that day as, “…the most distressing thing I have ever dealt with”.

The senior Investigating Officer has stated that he was informed, presumably by the interviewing officers, that the two young thugs failed to show any remorse during their police interviews.

Ed Balls, the Children’s Secretary, said that the youngsters were damaged by an abusive home life. He went on to say that we must ensure they receive the help they need to turn things around whilst in custody.

Make no mistake about it, this is singularly the most repulsive crime committed by children upon children since the tragic case of James Bulger. It is in no way a credit to the young attackers that the outcome was not exactly the same. They left their victims for dead.

When sentencing in January of this year, the trial Judge, Mr Justice Keith was told of the boys ‘toxic’ home life and of the routine aggression and violence they witnessed. Fortunately Mr Justice Keith saw through the smoke screen of what I’m sure was very eloquently phrased mitigation and imposed an indeterminate sentence with a minimum of 5 years.

Like the killers of James Bulger, I am sure that when the time comes to re-integrate these two no-hopers back into the general population they will blend in shrouded in the relative safety of a new name and identity.

I am pleased to see that an appeal to have the indeterminate sentence reduced to a determinate one has been refused, as with Venables and Thompson some humans are evil right to their very core and should be removed from decent law abiding, non violent majority for as many years as possible.

I am sure that many will argue that because they were only children then they could not have known the gravity of what they were doing when the subjected their victims to 90 minutes of extreme violence and sexual abuse. For those of you who do subscribe to that school of thought, consider this, many of you will have children the same age as these attackers. Would your child engage in such evil criminality? No, because they know it’s wrong. They are not ‘damaged goods’ like the two specimens who now find themselves in custody.

What do we do with damaged goods? We take them back, or throw them straight into the bin, which is hopefully what we have done with these two. Some items are not worth repairing!!

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