Its the 1990s all over again! Chris Evans will be hosting a television show on Fridays. Christine Bleakley will remain on the show with Evans for the Friday episodes as the BBC try to beef up the Friday episode as a weekly entertainment slot.

The question is, will Adrian Chiles remain as presenter for the other 4 days the show is aired.

Chiles's initial reaction was to quit but months of negotiations have delayed this decision and he has since turned down offers with ITV and chosen to remain in the BBC ranks but a new deal must be fully negotiated with Chiles.

Such a shame though to break up the Chiles/Bleakley on screen platonic chemistry for Fridays, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Evans is known for being a bit of a lunatic a few years ago, but time has apparently mellowed him leaving the BBC feeling confident with him as a television presenter.

How many Friday episodes of The one Show Evans will host remains as yet unknown.

Personally I hope there is still a bit of the rebellious idiot inside Evans and the promise of much chaos to then follow his new appointment with the British public.

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