According to a report by the Christian charity CARE, ordinary middle class families where one parent stays at home to look after children pay over a third more in tax than in other Western Countries.

The social policy charity, Christian Action Research and Education (CARE), has said in its report 'The Taxation of Families 2009-10" that Britain's tax system is ' … unfriendly to families … ' and that ' … those in the middle who are not rich are shouldering a heavy burden … '.

The report makes a comparison with the tax regimes in 33 other countries.

What the report claims is that the tax burden has, over the last few years, moved from single people with no dependents into families with two adults but only a single earner in them.

When considering countries within the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) a UK single earner family on £33,745 with two children would pay 39% more in tax they say.

The chief executive of CARE, Nola Leach, said 'The treatment of married couples on modest and average incomes in the tax system remains unfair and out of line with the rest of the OECD. This failing is damaging family life.'

The charity also says that this situation will get worse when the coalition's plans to cut child benefit from those earning over £42,000 go through.

One assumes this is because of the way the UK individual tax allowance works and that married couple do not get the tax breaks they used to enjoy many years ago.

Some argue that when having children it is a choice and the parents should pay the same tax as everyone else and get no special favours. For others having children is seen as a duty towards society in order to keep it populated with good people so parents should therefore be given all the support they need.

CARE has been criticised in the past for its stance on certain issues (homosexuality and abortion (,_Research_and_Education_%28CARE%29) as well as its fundamentalist leanings). However, in its quest to give more support for single earner families it is asking us to place a proper value on children in society. A question that does need answering.

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