A 64 year old Christian electrician is facing the sack after he displayed an eight inch palm cross on the dashboard of his van.

Colin Atkinson was told by senior management that, at his depot for Wakefield District Housing, he had upset his fellow workmates and could no longer work there and subsequently he has been moved to another depot where he fears the sack.

After working for the housing association he has not received a single complaint about displaying his cross.

The discriminatory policy of Wakefield District Housing against Christians is rubbed into the face of Christian workers because Colin Atkinson's boss displays a picture of the famous iconic communist revolutionary, Che Guevara on his office wall.

I could go on and write about the reaction to this news by Christians and church leaders across the world however I think this is a time to reflect as a nation on our Christian heritage.

It is almost as if Christian bashing has become fair game and the rights of the followers of Christ are being stripped away so that we can appease the faiths of immigrants that the Labour government encouraged to enter our shores.

But even this is nonsense.

Yes the rights of Christians are being stripped away but most immigrants and people of other faiths could not give two hoots about the freedom of religious expression for opposing faiths.

I am a Christian yet I love the sound of the Islamic call to prayer.

The problem is not between faiths but by the Orwellian sounding 'political correctness' which is a blunt tool used in madness by mad people who seek to remove our most basic of freedoms only to replace them with our subservience to the state and corporations.

Sounds a lot like some political ideologies one could name eh? Once Christianity is banned, what will be next I wonder?

It sounds like someone in Wakefield should get the sack but its not Colin Atkinson.

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