Elvis Presley's personal physician has decided to set the records straight by revealing the true cause of the King of rock and roll's death.

Dr George Nichopoulos, also known as Dr Nick, was Elvis's personal doctor for the last ten years of Elvis's life. According to  George Nichopoulos's uncorroborated speculation over his death being caused by his fondness for junk food like cheeseburgers is rubbish even though they would not have helped what seems to have been a physiological condition which Elvis suffered from for most of his adult life.

Dr Nick paints the final years of Elvis as quite tragic with frequent accidents on stage which meant he had to change his jump suit during performances due to the debilitating condition which caused him great embarrassment.

Apparently Elvis was offered a colostomy operation but refused because of pride but the operation was not regarded as acceptable treatment at the time which may have also influenced Elvis's decision not to have the operation.

Elvis's Autopsy revealed that his colon was massively extended due to his condition, which caused the bloated appearance he had towards the end of his life due his excessive weight gain.

So Elvis Presley conspiracy theorists may have to resign to the fact that the much loved singer really is dead and now is the time to let him rest in well earned peace.

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