Top Brexiteers are lining up this week to tell Theresa May in no uncertain terms to Chuck Chequers.


The Leave Means leave campaign group, which is a cross party body dedicated to a clean, swift exit from the European Union, is embarking on a series of rallies to take the Brexit message out across the country.

They will be going to Bolton, Birmingham, Torquay and Bournemouth to start with and other rallies will be announced in due course with Gateshead and Harrogate high on the list.

The speakers for the first lot of meetings will include, depending on venue, David Davis, Nigel Farage, Kate Hoey, Andrea Jenkyns, Peter Bone, Brendan Chilton, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Tim Martin of Wetherspoons.

The Leave means Leave vice Chairman, Richard Tice, said:

"We have relaunched the Leave campaign and we will stop at nothing to ensure the Prime Minister chucks Chequers and delivers Brexit in its entirety.

"Leave Means Leave will be engaging with as many people across the country to ensure Project Fear is torn apart so that the economic benefits of are revealed."

Now, according to the Tories, says Sky News, the Labour Party is only interested in frustrating Brexit and delaying our exit from the EU.

And in an attempt to pile the pressure on, the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan has now called for a second referendum on EU membership. Either against Theresa May's deal, or against a no-deal.

But the shadow international trade secretary, Barry Gardiner rejected it saying it would throw the Tory government a lifeline. He unsurprisingly wants a general election instead.

As far as I can see the Labour Party is totally devoid of all ideas on Brexit other than using it as a football for general election advantage. In fact, at the moment, I don't think anyone has any idea of what Labour really stands for – not even their own shadow cabinet by the looks of things.

Moving on, is the UK being lined up to just roll over and accept Theresa Mays's Chequers based Brexit sell-out?

Michael Gove told BBC's Andrew Marr that the Chequers 'Remain by any other name' proposal is the right plan 'for now'.

But he then said that a future Prime Minister could then change the relationship the UK has with the EU in the future.

The BBC reports that when asked if the Chequers plan was permanent he replied:

"Yes, but there's one critical thing, a future prime minister could always choose to alter the relationship between Britain and the European Union.

"But the Chequers approach is the right one for now because we have got to make sure that we respect that vote and take advantage of the opportunities of being outside the European Union."

And when asked about the extension in service of the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark carney, Mr Gove said:

"I regard him, not only as truly independent, but a first rate public servant who is doing an excellent job."

But in 2016 he said that Mr Carney was "neither always infallible nor truly independent" and that he should "curb his arrogance".

So, does Gove's latest assessment mean he believes the Governor's predictions of a Brexit driven house price collapse etc are correct?

To me Gove sounds like a salesman trying to get the nation behind a failing plan – the Chequers plan, part of which includes Mark Carney for some reason. But it ain't gonna work, because everyone can see what a lemon it is!

So, is this plan permanent? Or can it be changed in the future? What he didn't seem to say was that it was a permanent move away from the EU! With the only later direction of travel being divergence.

And if it can be changed one supposes it could be changed either way. So is this a message to Remainers and Leavers alike to get behind it and hope it pans out their way in future?

Are we also being lined up for someone brand new at the Tory helm once Brexit Day has passed? Maybe another Remain minded PM who will start steering us back towards the bloc.

And that is why we need to Chuck Chequers – to ensure there is absolutely no doubt as to the direction of travel of the UK post Brexit Day whoever is in Number Ten. And that direction is the Full Withdrawal of the UK from the EU, a total FWUKEU!.

Finally, for the Ukippers out there, if you haven't booked your ticket for the conference this weekend then do it now. It's the 25th anniversary of the party and will be extremely well attended. There is also the opportunity to attend the Chairman's reception as well as a gala dinner.

I've left a link to Ticket Source, where you can buy your tickets, in the description box below.

You might even see me wandering about too.

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