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Yesterday's Remainers are ganging together to go around the EU and convince its leaders that Brexit can be stopped.


The people voted to Leave the EU and then took it on trust that the UK establishment would beaver away at delivering the wishes of the people who paid for its existence.

But of course, as a Remain to the core system, it has not. And it is being aided and abetted in not delivering democracy by the likes of Nick Clegg, Tony Blair, John Major and Lord Mandelson.

According to the Guardian:

"Prominent remain supporters including former British prime ministers Tony Blair and John Major have been working with Nick Clegg and Lord Mandelson on a parallel diplomatic mission to persuade European leaders to stop Brexit."

The report goes through some of their itinerary and says that the results of this so-called diplomacy (Brexiteers may have another word for it) are fed into a weekly meeting of pro-EU MPs chaired by Remainer, Chuka Umunna.

The Guardian cites one source as saying:

"We are not trying to subvert the government negotiations, but we are trying to make sure European leaders are plugged into British politics and are not just getting information from the UK government."

I'm gobsmacked! How can any government conduct negotiations if this group of charlatans is creeping about feeding in other anti-Brexit biassed information?

But Nick Clegg has made the intent clear when he is quoted as saying:

"The aim of the visits is to persuade EU leaders that British politics has made the option of remaining inside the EU viable."

He has also been 'explaining' how the UK can still hold MEP elections next year.

If we hold MEP elections next year, it will send out one single message – that the UK establishment has no intention of delivering on the vote of the people – and UKIP will probably wipe the floor at any such vote.

As I understand it, UK councils still have money set aside for those elections 'just in case'. The government needs to formally cancel those elections forthwith and order those funds re-designated to show true Brexit intent.

As to those four, I wonder who's picking up the tab?

Moving on, the European Union is now saying that the UK must cough up the so-called £39 billion Brexit divorce bill – whether or not we have a deal with them!

The £39 billion was put in the original agreement based on the principle of 'nothing is agreed until everything is agreed'.

Now we find the only thing the EU is really intent on agreeing is how quickly they can get hold of our taxpayers' money (or more accurately increase our taxpayers' debt).

They know that once they get this money they can then just sit back and make even more demands, ad infinitum.

And the Remain campaigners still want the UK to trust these Eurocrats? Do you really think these people are our friends?

At every turn the UK has tried to be accommodating and friendly. The UK was first to promise EU citizens rights, but what do we get in return? Warnings that UK citizens will have to return.

We offer to keep our defences in place to keep Europe safe, but what do we get in return?

We say that EU drivers can drive around the UK with no restrictions, but what do we get in return? Warnings that UK drivers will have to get an extra licence.

We say we will allow EU flights to land in the UK, but what do we get in return? Warnings of grounded aircraft. But they'd want our military planes and helicopters to fly in defence of the EU if needed, wouldn't they?

We say we'll let them continue to sell their vehicles into the UK, what do we get in return? Warnings that they won't allow UK built cars EU type-approval.

It's obvious they are more intent on EU politicking, than coming to an economically and politically, mutually beneficial deal.

But while all this negotiation is (or is not) going on, it transpires that the UK, Germany and France, with interest from other EU nations, are putting together a financial scheme in the form of a special purpose vehicle to sidestep US sanctions on Iran, in order to keep oil imports from Iran flowing, according to the German news source, Spiegel.

"One EU official explained that the "special purpose vehicle" would effectively function as an accounting firm, providing a loophole to keep trade flowing between EU countries and Iran. If Italy wants to buy Iranian oil, it could wire money to the firm, which would handle the rest of the transaction. Iran, similarly, could wire money for the purchase of European products." Reports Politico.

Now this will not endear us to the US President Donald Trump who is more likely to be hopping mad about this rather than hopping like a happy bunny.

But the article goes on to say that the money in the SPV would be within the EU and out of US control. So, does that mean that the good old UK will be helping to build something that the US can blame us for and that the EU can unceremoniously kick us out of when they choose?

This will have taken some City know-how and assistance, so I hope we drove the mother of all bargains for this bit if assistance. But judging by this government's negotiating prowess to date you have do to wonder, don't you?

Now, how thin is the ice under Theresa May's premiership? Writing in the Telegraph, Nick Timothy says that, although the Tory MPs in the party's Eurosceptic European Research Group, or ERG, have the numbers to lodge enough letters of no confidence in Theresa May so as to trigger a vote of no confidence in her, they do not have the numbers to defeat her.

She would therefore win any vote of no confidence and then, under Tory party rules, be immune from another attack for 12 months. So a failed attempt would allow her to stay well beyond Brexit Day.

Tory MP for Mid Norfolk, George Freeman, has however asked for Theresa May to stand down as PM and Conservative Party leader, but early next year and once the Brexit talks are over.

Talking at an event hosted by The Times Freeman, who served as Theresa May's chief policy adviser until November 2017, said last night that the PM had done an extraordinary job of leading a nation that was essentially rudderless when Cameron bowed out after the 2016 referendum.

He said that the PM should be given the chance to honour her commitment to deliver Brexit but then a fresh leader should step in to shape our new relationship.

"Someone liberated from the poisonous politics of the EU referendum and the shambles that has followed." He said. Adding it should be someone with a new mandate not one of the old guard.

He had previously called talk by Brexiteers of unseating Theresa May as 'irresponsible'.

Gotta say, I think it's irresponsible to keep May in place for another solitary second so allowing her to deliver Remain by any other name then and let her step down while another Remainer can be groomed and selected to come in to cement the sell-out.

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