There is now a sense in the air that Nick Clegg is setting the ground for the future of politics in the UK.

Is he however getting too big for his boots? Is he a small player trying to wear the big boy’s boots having bitten off more than he can chew? Or is he really in the position of being able to dictate future government policy from a minority position?

Both the Conservative and Labour leaders have accused Nick Clegg of being arrogant and effectively holding the country to ransom over his demands that electoral reform must be “an absolute pre-condition for renewal in this country”. Nick Clegg even went as far as hinting that he could take the post of PM as the price of supporting Labour in a hung parliament. He has also said that he could work with Labour but not with Gordon Brown as PM.


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Nick Clegg could now find that he has started to alienate the British electorate before the actual voting has taken place. The consensus of opinion from polls seemed to be that the voters would be content with a hung parliament, possibly to force politicians to work together to get the UK out of this mess. What they may not want is the LibDem tail ferociously wagging the UK political dog.

It also brings home another message to the main parties. like a football team that takes to the field content to settle for a draw, or an F1 driver intent on just finishing in the top six to secure their world championship position, there is always a danger that chance and the other participants don’t quite see it their way and they end up losing the lot. When fighting an election it’s not over until the votes are counted and results announced. The politicians of all parties must stick to their philosophical guns or face the electorate with a watered down, shop soiled offering and bear the consequences at the ballot box.

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