• 54% say Nigel Farage won the debate, 25% for Nick Clegg, 21% draw

• 50% likely to vote to leave the EU, 39% to stay

• 87% say there should be leader debates in 2015 and 64% say Farage should take part

Opinium’s poll this morning on the back of the Clegg vs. Farage EU BBC debate confirms UKIP leader Nigel Farage as the clear winner (54%), and although, over a third (37%) said that it made no difference to their views, half (50%) would still vote to leave the European Union. Nick Clegg has been left trailing behind with just 25% of the vote and just 39% would vote to stay if there were a referendum tomorrow.

More good news for Farage is that following last night’s performance, 45% of those questioned said the debate had made them feel more positively towards him while the figure for Mr Clegg is just 22%. If forced to say who they would prefer to be prime minister, the result is slightly closer with Mr Farage edging Mr Clegg by 52% to 48%.

When it comes to strength of the argument, Farage once again comes out on top, with more than a third (39%) saying that they are now more likely to vote to leave the EU compared to before. However, viewers were divided on Farage’s comment about the EU having “blood on its hands” in reference to the Ukraine, with 30% agreeing and 30% disagreeing.

Nigel Farage-4 © The Economic VoiceOn whether leaving the EU would put British jobs at risk there was similar division with equal numbers in agreement as not (35%). A clear majority however disagree (54%) that the UK is well informed about the pros and cons of EU membership vs. 20% who agreed.

In the run up to the 2015 general election, 87% say that there should there be televised party leaders debates in 2015 and 64% say that Nigel Farage should be involved. The majority of those polled (67%) said that David Cameron and Ed Miliband should have taken part in last night’s debate too.

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