While the politicians wrangle in the halls of the Bella Center in Copenhagen, outside the protestors get the heavy handed police treatment. It also looks like Gordon Brown’s early arrival, timed no doubt to coincide with a triumph, has been met with almost deadlock. From a trawl of the day’s newspapers we get a lot of different information.

It seems the US are offering what the rest of the world see as derisory carbon emission cuts, whilst China is only offering to slow down the growth of its carbon emissions. The EU wants to offer 20% cuts but could go to 30% just to get a deal brokered. And the Africans want $400 billion a year from 2020 to compensate them for the developed world’s climate change ‘crimes’, but it looks like they will ‘settle’ for $100 billion a year.

The UK Climate Change Secretary, Ed Miliband, said that the talks were “on a knife’s edge and in grave danger”. The conference is believed to be 18 hours behind schedule and there is talk of deferring the big decisions to next year’s Mexico summit that could be brought forward to suit.

Gordon Brown has now waded in and said that the UK’s share of cuts should be a staggering 42% and said it would be an opportunity for Britain.

Back home in the UK we see bitterly cold weather, snow and a report that the Met Office is charged with being selective with its data, putting forward a report to Copenhagen that incorrectly favours the climate change theory. The charge is that they omitted data from a huge swathe of Russian weather stations and if the data had been included then there would be no evidence of warming. The number of weather stations used to compile the data was reduced between 1975 and 2000 from 7,000 to 3,000. But it was the Russians who made the charges and they have a vested interest because of their vast energy reserves and Putin normally opposes climate change moves. (Now why not put the data back in to compare like with like and publish the results? It’s not like there’s a shortage of computing power is there? You would think they would be looking to increase the data set, not deplete it.)

We are now on the verge of setting up a huge taxation machine that will effectively redistribute wealth around the globe. The rich nations will be forced to pass their wealth to the poor with no controls as far as I can ascertain. I look at the likes of Zimbabwe and wonder where this money will end up. I expect the West is hoping to receive a lot of orders for up-market cars, jets, palaces and of course a bumper harvest of arms orders every year. But Britain of course will have cut itself back to the stone age and will be out of the race.

The really striking thing for me whilst reading the press though, was that at least 75% of all the comments posted by readers show a distinct suspicion, if not downright disbelief, that climate change is in any way attributable to human activity. With it came anger that they were to be taxed on this basis. Governments should know that taxing people and then giving their money away over something the electorate do not believe in isn’t the way to run a happy country. Is it too much to hope that some politicians are left stranded on Copenhagen by the BA strike?

I get the distinct impression that the debate is not as ‘settled’ as many would have you believe.

Oh, and lastly. We have a climate changers dream, a huge conference hammering out the issues soaking up the world’s time and resources about ‘green’ issues. So what exactly are the protesters protesting about?

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