The case for man-made climate change continues to crumble before our eyes. The head of the UN climate change panel (the IPCC), Dr Fajendra Pachouri has admitted there may be further errors in the now infamous ‘glacier report’. The report which, published in 2007, won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Dr Pachouri has refused to resign over the issue and says ‘action may be taken’ against the authors of the report. But that action would have to be considered not just shot from the hip. “I know a lot of climate sceptics are after my blood, but I’m in no mood to oblige them,” he said in an interview with The Times.

Dr Pachouri goes further and says it is all down to the Panel’s Co-Chairs at the time the report was written. But they have since moved on. These are Dr Martin Parry, a UK scientist now working at Imperial College London and Dr Osvaldo Canziani , a meteorologist from Argentina.

Syed Hasnain, the glaciologist who was erroneously quoted as making the prediction that Himalayan glaciers would have melted by 2035, makes the assertion that it is the lead authors who are to blame.

Hasnain says the report has glaring errors such as the glacial area dropping from 500,000 km2 to 100,000 km2 by 2035. But it only covers 33,000 km2 at present. There are many more errors of this type.

But what is more worrying is that many scientists were so scared of the power of the IPCC that they kept their heads down and did not point these errors out.

How many other reports are flawed in this way? How much other data has been cherry-picked or misrepresented in order to keep this money-spinning scam afloat? How many other institutions wield such power that scientists would rather let a big fat lie pass as the truth instead of rectifying a scientific wrong?

And what of the politicians? Why are they not stepping up to the mark and asking searching questions? I’ll help you out there, a vast chunk of the taxes we now pay are designed around the whole green issue. Pull that carpet out from under them and the public finances go belly-up overnight, whichever bunch get in to government. They would then have to move with a more than indecent haste to find another bogey-man to tax in order to replace the lost revenue. Huge VAT and booze duty rises for a start?

Don’t get me wrong, man has wreaked havoc on this planet. As I keep pointing out for example, there is a huge sea of plastic in the Pacific Ocean, and I mean HUGE. But there’s no money in researching or reporting it and it would take a massive international co-ordinated effort to address the issue. I mean a REAL proper effort using real people and machinery. Isn’t it easier just to trade carbon credits on a stock market and make traders even richer? Then you can then introduce a Tobin tax on all financial transactions to be spent on more worthless projects. After all, that is what being ‘green’ means to the governments and banks of the world these days. We are pointing our attention in the wrong direction.

These reports are not just isolated bits of research work that pay the authors a bit of money. Wielded by thankful politicians they have far-reaching effects on all of us. They keep poor countries from developing properly whilst taxing the richer nations for no good reason, i.e. to spend the money on worthless ‘green’ projects instead of on themselves. The people who write these flawed reports or conspire with silence have a lot to answer for.

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