When Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and AIG was taken over by the US government in 2008, stock markets went into free fall as trillions of dollars of wealth were wiped out. While the initial crisis is long gone, the unconventional measures have stayed with us. We live in an environment of financial repression; with Central Bankers using alternative policies such as quantitative easing, zero interest rate policies, money printing and currency wars that they believe to be necessary in order to jump start the economy. John Mauldin and Jonathan Tepper label these strategies, Code Red policies.

In their new book, Code Red: How to Protect Your Savings From the Coming Crisis, Mauldin and Tepper make subjects such as financial repression, currency wars, bubble economies and inflation – and their impact on everyday investors' lives and financial futures – compelling reading, bringing monetary policy down to earth for the average saver and investor.

This new book exposes the central banks in the US, UK, EU and Japan and looks at how they've rigged the game against the average saver and investor. More importantly, Code Red explains how to protect hard-earned cash from the bankers' monetary policies and how to come out a winner.

"Investors in the developed world are guinea pigs in an unprecedented monetary experiment. Central banks have massively increased the size of their balance sheets, potentially storing up extremely large problems for the future. Current policies are simply setting the stage for a bigger crisis. Code Red aspires to help investors insulate themselves from these dangers and against inflation," says Mauldin.

In their book, Mauldin and Tepper arm readers with time-tested strategies for surviving and thriving. Readers will discover how to spot and capitalize on market bubbles and learn proven money management techniques for reducing risk through diversification, profiting from precious metals, commodities, and other real assets through managed futures funds, and more.

"At this point it's anybody's guess if current monetary policies will succeed in creating sustained growth or if they will fail miserably leading the world into high levels of inflation," adds Tepper. "What is certain though is that those policies are producing all sorts of unintended consequences—most of them bad for the average saver and investor."

Code Red will be available where books and e-books are sold.

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