Long before the country’s love affair with tea commenced, Britain was a nation of coffee drinkers. Coffee has made a huge comeback in the UK in the last few of years, with people now seeking an easier, more convenient method of making the perfect cup of coffee. Let's take a look at the coffee capsule machine and why its sales levels in the UK are continuously on the rise.


What is a coffee capsule?

A coffee capsule is a single-serve coffee container that prepares only enough coffee for one single portion. The reason why coffee capsules have become massively popular is because they adequately meet the dual modern consumer needs of convenience and quality. Capsule machines are known for creating amazingly tasty coffee and are revolutionising the way in which Brits fix a brew. It's no surprise that capsule machines can now be found in restaurants, hotels and homes across the entire country.

According to sales figures, Britons spent a whopping 56.1 million on coffee capsule machines between February 2012 and February 2013, with the figure continuing to grow steadily throughout 2014. Capsule coffee machines are clean, easy to use, very convenient and incredibly cost effective. However, make sure you check the quality of the model you buy, because the characteristics and performance can vary quite significantly between brands.

Coffee Capsules by Victoris Vasilieva

Coffee Capsules by Victoria Vasilieva

If you’re looking to buy a coffee machine then you’ll find a great selection of models to choose from over at www.tassimo.co.uk. In the UK, coffee consumers are constantly looking for café-quality coffee without having to leave their homes. As a result, sales of coffee capsules have dramatically increased over the past year.

The coffee capsule has rejuvenated the market with sales of capsule coffee trebling to a huge $10 billion over the past five years. This huge surge has had the knock on effect of spurring interest in other homemade drinks, especially those that can be prepared at the touch of a button.

One of the big advantages of using a capsule coffee machine is the fact that less time is spent standing in line at Starbucks or other popular coffee shops. A recent report revealed that one-quarter of the people who buy coffee are brewing it at home on a more regular basis than this time last year. This is further proof of the skyrocketing popularity, convenience and great taste of home capsule coffee machines.

Even though drinking capsule coffee isn’t necessarily cheap, people like the option of making just one cup at a time. This still works out at about 60p per serving, but it is still drastically cheaper than the roasted brew equivalent at your local café. For those that like to drink a few cups throughout the day, a capsule coffee machine could translate into huge financial savings!
So will the coffee capsule ever beat a fresh cup? That’s a relative question and one that will continue to be asked more frequently as the popularity of capsule coffee makers continues to rise over the coming years.

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