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Comet Elenin approaches Earth

Comet Elenin approaches Earth
July 8th, 2011
Author: Economic Voice Staff

It’s always nice to come across a subject on the Internet that evokes such difference in opinion. And Comet Elenin is one of those topics.

The debate over Comet Elenin is polarised between two opposing views, with an almost infinite number of variations in between.

On the one hand comes the official view that Comet Elenin is an obscure loosely packed dirty snowball of as much interest to the general public as a small broken snail shell beside a railway track is to the occupants of the speeding express train passing by.

At the other end is the opinion that Elenin is an artificial comet camouflaging a fleet of galactic battle cruisers full of hideous aliens equipped with straws and the aching desire to suck our brains from our skulls via our collective left nostrils.

Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1) was discovered on 10th December 2010 by astronomer Leonid Elenin working at the time remotely via the International Scientific Optical Network's robotic observatory near Mayhill, New Mexico.

It is still millions of miles away and will become visible to the naked eye in late August like a dim star with a tail.

Astronomers say that this small (by astronomic standards) object, which is about 3-4 km across, will pass the earth with its closest point being 21.7 million miles away on 16th October 2011. It is what is known as a long period comet, in that it takes some 11,600 years to orbit the sun.

The trouble is that there are many end time prophecies such as the Mayan calendar and the Bible Revelations that seem to fit in with the timing of this visitor from the deepest regions of space.

There is also the Comet’s name, Elenin. Some claim it was given this name as short for such things as ‘Extinction Level Event 9’.

Then there are the theories of alignment causing the Earth’s poles to shift and earthquakes to rend our planet. Or Elenin’s magnetic field will somehow throw the Earth out of orbit despite it having no magnetic field to speak of. There are also concerns about the comet tail ‘engulfing’ the earth, even though it’s only one notch above an absolute vacuum.

Elenin has altered its speed as it approaches the Sun, which is entirely predictable according to astronomers. But the conspiracy theorists claim that it is being manoeuvred by forces unknown and that the true nature of the Comet is being hidden from us. It is either being controlled by aliens to mask their approach they say, or to be steered into our planet to kill the human race off (hence Extinction Level Event).

Some even claim that it is a brown dwarf star, or the hypothetical giant planet Tyche, or even the fictional planet Niburu.

All very entertaining, but I think I’ll stick to the official version. This article here – – should put Comet Elenin nicely in context.

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17 Responses to “Comet Elenin approaches Earth”

  1. luke says:

    Cmon this was a very bias article. Atleast put in the alignment dates and what happened on those days. Totally Bias Article

  2. Administrator says:

    Luke, the article was written to bring it to peoples' attention. Once they are aware of it they can research it for themselves if they want and make their own minds up.

    Are you saying that this extremely small comet and can exert huge influence on our planet? On what do you base this idea?

  3. Jamie says:

    It's very clear this article is bias! It really seems to mock those who believe that there is anything different about Elenin. I have never heard a theory that states: "Elenin is an artificial comet camouflaging a fleet of galactic battle cruisers full of hideous aliens equipped with straws and the aching desire to suck our brains from our skulls via our collective left nostrils." If Elenin is indeed a comet then of course it won't affect our lives. If on the other hand it is a brown dwarf star then yes all the prophecies will come true. I would say there is a 100% chance that if Elenin is something sinister then it will be covered up!

  4. Root Striker says:

    Well, a quick check on Google found this:

    And I bet there'll be more.

  5. voiceofreason says:

    I like to visit these kinds of web pages just to read the comments.
    There is a definite lack of critical thinking being applied.
    For example.
    The comet/earthquake/alignment theory is running rampant.
    Elenin will align with the Sun and the Earth and earthquakes will result.
    Why then are we not experiencing round the clock earthquakes due to the close proximity to the Moon? The Moon is much more massive, and much closer than Comet Elenin.
    Another example.
    May 5, 2000, all of the planets in the solar system aligned.
    Again, nothing happened.
    I suppose if you really dug through old newspapers you could find something somewhere that happened that day but… coincidence…

    A massive UFO fleet is hidden in the tail.
    Where the heck did that idea come from?
    Yes, I suppose anything is possible.
    Therefore I propose that there is a massive block of swiss cheese hidding in the tail and we should all prepare to die a gooey yet delicious death.

    A brown dwarf star.
    Jupiter is basically a failed star.
    Lacked the mass necessary to start nuclear fusion.
    Yet it still reflects a lot of sunlight.
    A brown dwarf would be larger than Jupiter, therefore it would reflect that much more sunlight and be easier to see. Not to mention the mass of a brown dwarf would already be causing noticeable effects in all of the objects presently orbitting the Sun.
    But I guess NASA is hiding that too.
    Don't mess with those NASA guys. They'll assassinate you with their razor sharp pocket protectors.

  6. skeptic but open says:

    In the 1900s astronomers were looking for a Jupiter sized planet to explain perturbations in the orbit of Uranus which Neptune and Pluto could not take credit for. The search for Planet X was underway. In 1983 a dark star or Red Dwarf (Nemesis) was hypothesized to be our suns undetected companion but never substantiated. February 2011 Tyche, a huge red or brown dwarf four times the size of Jupiter, was calculated to be in the Oort cloud which may be proven soon by the WISE telescope. The point is that Pluto, Eris and Chyron do not have the mass to account for the perturbations in Uranus' orbit. Some think it is the accumulative mass of all the Kuiper or Oort cloud objects. All of these are unproven theories. However, the oldest know civilization dating back to 4000 BC already knew about pluto and ALL the orbits of the planets. Ancient knowledge of the cosmos was superior to ours today as even the Mayans have proven. Almost all ancient star watchers wrote of rogue planet that would cause great havoc on earth every few thousand years. Western society is dominated by what religion- Christianity. The BIBLE talks about a fiery destruction caused by Wormwood which some believe is a comet. Most people have solid beliefs in things that cannot be proven. How is this any different? At least they are looking for proof instead of having faith. All of the planets and moons are routinely hit by asteroids and meteorites. Our sun swallows comets all the time (I just saw one on SOHO July 5-6). Many astrophysicists have said we could be blind sided by a massive dark object such as a dwarf star or black hole and we wouldn't know until it's too late. They would not reflect enough light to be detected in time and people believe they have found such objects lurking nearby. And if most the world would perish I'm 100% sure world governments and the 'elite' would not warn the people because it would thwart their own survival efforts. There are pictures all over the web of 2 suns in the sky from various parts of the world. NASA has said there are no guarantees that Elenin will not hit earth. Russia has supposedly issued warnings about Elenin and also the possibility of worldwide blackouts due the Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun which has been occurring recently. Something is to blame for cyclical mass extinctions on earth. Elenin may be yet another false alarm but it is another object we only recently discovered was out there. I think there is added interest in Elenin since gooogle sky removed portions of space images where Elenin had previously been seen. It also seems odd how off standish and rudely dismissive the 'Space Authorities' are when questioned about these topics. Would they be as rude to someone who asked if the messiah is coming soon?

  7. adagal says:

    Stopped reading after:

    "At the other end is the opinion that Elenin is an artificial comet camouflaging a fleet of galactic battle cruisers full of hideous aliens equipped with straws and the aching desire to suck our brains from our skulls via our collective left nostrils."

    Ignorance only hurts the validity of anything you claim. You should educate yourself properly before typing up garble like this.

  8. Administrator says:

    Should have continued reading adagal, you might have learned something.

  9. Hapte_Mikael says:

    I liked his writing style, it was clearly meant to be cheeky, and anyone who is talking about Elenin is good by me.

    @ Voice of reason, The number of fallacies in your arguments is laughable to the point of me thinking you are a troll.

    "I like to visit these kinds of web pages just to read the comments.
    There is a definite lack of critical thinking being applied." Trolololol. Maybe I'll check back later and teach you how to use the internet .

  10. Illuminotty says:

    Well as anyone can read, the writer "Author: Economic Voice Staff" wishes to stay anonymous while rediculing others an having done no research at all.
    Very cheap and laughable indeed.

    "hideous aliens equipped with straws and the aching desire to suck our brains from our skulls" 😀
    Thanks for that journalistic value added.

    It remains curious why there are heavy earthquakes every time there is a conjunction of Elenin, the earth and another body in our solar system. Maybe he/she/they can get into that instead of wriiting 50's style sci-fi humor.

  11. MSandyd says:

    Does anyone really know the size of this comet/star? It is not some kind of alien ship. Those who would think that are of the science fiction crowd. But as to the Biblical meaning associated with this event, who can say? It is going to happen sooner or later – the earth will have a Great Tribulation. So, why are people so sure that this time – the Feast of Trumpets – does not correlate with Biblical prophecies? Most people would believe it is aliens before they would believe that it is a Biblical event.

  12. Chasity says:

    Hi, I would first of all like to say that I've been doing my homework and I don't believe this to be a conspiricy theory! You don't need to be a scientist to see whats happening here. All these scientists are discrediting any sort of world calastrophy. I have a few questions and some information to share and you can figure it out for yourself. All the hype is all about Elenin but what about a few other problems that no one is seeming to pay attention to. How about Yellowstone National Park?? Did anyone notice or care that not long ago it "took a deep breath"? Or how about the bulge coming up on what used to be flat ground? Is it really that hard to figure out its ready for something huge?? Its due and everything needs to relieve pressure at one point or the other, that's not rocket science. How about how the earthquake activity there has almost doubled? There was a documentary done a few years back and they were asked, what the signs would be it was ready to blow? Well, the signs were pretty much everything its doing right now! You can look into this yourself and then you be the judge.
    I could go on all day about all the different earth changes that have been occuring and a good indication of the future, is the past events. The earth pretty much cleanses itself every 5000 years or so, but that's not gonna happen again right?? We are in that range right now. So just cause we are us, its not gonna do what its always done…..Yeah ok. It might not be Elenin that takes us out completely but there are a number of factors here. None are as blind as those who will not see!!! Anyone who listens to everything the governments tell us (sorry for saying so blunt) has rocks in their fricken heads LOL!! These are the same people that promise all kinds of things during elections and maybe do 1/4 to MAYBE 1/2 of what they say they'll do. As for listening to NASA? Once again a govenment agency, that says it all! They all lie to people on a constant basis. Does anyone have their own brain anymore? Daily we listen to what people are saying and we don't take a total strangers word for face value so why would you take the governments word, like really? Thse are the same people who have went into some of the richest oil country's and made a terrorist excuse to convince everyone it was justified. I live in the richest oil province in Canada and I do not doubt for one minute the US would be here trying to bully us too if we weren't who we are. If they did even try it, I'm fairly confident most of the rest of the wolrd would come together and stick a boot up their ass!
    My point once again, LIED to all the time by the government! I'm 29 years old and in my short time here on earth I've seen the strange weather changes. I also just recently seen that the Japanese government said "oops". I guess we miss calculated, we actually pumped out twice the radoactive chemicals as we first thought. No, no, no!! They knew all along, how can that be miss calculated? Especially by the Japanese, very intelegent people, they've brought us many technologies. But I guess its only the Japanese that will lie and then change their story AFTER the damage is already done. Our governments said everything was ok with that too. Everything is so "OK" that they turned off their radiation detectors at one point or another and so did our government on the coast of British Columbia?
    I could go on all day, it may or not make a difference to anyone. If one person in the whole world actuall took thought to these very few things I've mentioned then it wasn't all in vain. We've been lied to over and over, I only listed a few that are obvious. WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL TAKING THIER WORD FOR IT??? If anyone else told so many lies, no one would trust them. Why are so many of you out there coming back for more and more? I don't get it! But that's just me. I'll hope they aren't lying but there's a better chance they are.
    Bless you all and please open your minds a little to reality, ANYTHING is possible.

  13. Chasity says:

    Oh and MSandyd? Well put, I must say! I only picked up the Bible about 6 months ago and when I did, it has only confirmed what I was thinking and feeling about our precious time here. I wasn't too much into it before, but always a spiritual person. The Book of Revelations is unfolding before our eyes but the evil has shaken many peoples faith. That is in the Bible as well which I'm sure you already know. I hope people start turning to God because he's the only one who can save us. I will be praying for all to open their minds and hearts.

  14. Peter Griffiths says:

    Much of the real information about Comet Elenin is being surpressed as some of the comments so far mention.
    Here is a link to a warning video on you tube that has shown many people that there is more to this approaching object than has been made public.
    Check it out:
    There is plenty more info if you care to look so people should do their own research.
    I think that major earth changes are likely to occur but the cause will be cosmic rather than the flat earthers global warming nonsense which is just an agenda for establishing a taxation base to finance global government

  15. Neo2012 says:

    Way too many people on here speaking about things above their thought process. In actuallity, three comets come very close to earth within months of each other.. Honda, Elenin & Levy. Honda will come the closest comet since the 1700's. When estimating the chance of a comet threat, you have to figure in the solar flares the sun is throwing out right now. It would not take much of a sloar flare to throw any single one of these three comets into our planet or moon for that matter. Anyone who thinks for even a second that humans will live on earth forever and ever are quite frankly…IDIOTS! Research the history of our planet to understand the future and get rid of the simpleminded thoughts of these morons who think everything is fine!

  16. Andrew says:

    A "calastrophe" , huh?

    Did the tinfoil fall down over your eyes while typing? Guys, girls, nutjobs…IT'S A COMET. It's nothing more than a ball of ice and dirt. It's not fucking Nibiru, or whatever the hell. It's going to pass, and you're all going to look like morons for spamming this crap at us through gibbering, half-crazed mouths for months on end.

    The reason the author said what he did about straw-wielding monsters is because THATS HOW YOU SOUND TO THE REST OF US. There are no scary monsters under your beds, the government could GIVE A SHIT about you, because you're not a threat to them, at least not off your medication anyway.

    Just because you think something different than most of us does not make you a genius, smart, or even RIGHT. Different does not always mean correct. usually it means YOU'RE NUTS.

  17. Whatever says:

    What about the fact that FEMA bought dry food for 1 bilion dollars? Or that FEMA plans a general evacuation or disaster simulation right on 16 september?