Will fruit picking become better paid after we leave the EU?

Daily Brexit Update: Monday 13th August 2018

It seems that UK companies are suffering from a Brexit worker 'supply shock' as fewer EU nationals are coming to the UK to work.

"Two in five employers (40%) said they have found it more difficult to fill vacancies during the last 12 months due to a combination of fewer and less suitable applicants." Reports Sky News.

With the Guardian saying: "The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) said the number of applicants per vacancy had fallen since last summer across all levels of skilled jobs, and said shortages were forcing many companies to raise wages."

There you have it, more-or-less uncontrolled inward migration leads to a depression in wages – a situation the big companies just love!

How much more flak can Theresa May's Chequers based Brexit deal suffer before it crashes burning into the ground?

"Theresa May’s proposal for a Brexit deal with the European Union has been blasted by trade experts as “fanciful” and based on flawed analysis." Says the Sun.

While the Express reports that it will be the EU paying the price: "The European Union could be left worse off than Britain in the event of a no-deal Brexit, according to shock warnings from Brussels officials." It says.

It appears though that post-Brexit trade will be good anyway:

And while everyone wants Boris to talk burkas, he just delivers the tea (video):

And do people really want to keep voting for the Labour Party?

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