There are a couple of stories that you may have missed.

The first concerns hackers who managed to bring down a major Jihadist web-site and the second is about an update that makes one strain of malware almost ‘indestructible’.

According to TG Daily the al-Qaida chat forum Al-Shamukh was taken down after attacks to its primary web domain and data server. Two other jihadi forums regarded as ‘top tier’ were also brought down for a short time.

The identity of the hacker(s) that brought this about is unknown, but it appears to have been a fairly sophisticated attack.

This site has been described by experts as a key al-Qaida propaganda forum.

PCMAG reports that there is now a new ‘strain’ of the TDSS malware that Kaspersky labs has tagged as presently ‘the most sophisticated threat’ to computer security across the globe.

This new malware, TDL-4,  has already managed to slave 4.5 million computers into a massive botnet. It also has its own inbuilt anti-virus system that detects and disables competing malware.

TDL-4 can then be used deliver spam, launch DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks, manipulate programmes and steal user data.

The only clue that the owner of an infected computer may have is that their computer is operating more slowly than normal.

This new malware can also burrow very deeply into the system making the botnets it creates just about indestructible.

According to the report this malware is delivered via ‘adult content sites, bootleg websites, and video and file storage services’.

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