Independent Conservative, Lord Stevens of Ludgate, has chosen to take the UKIP whip in reaction to David Cameron's lack of willingness to stand up for Britain.

Lord Stevens, who is the former chair of United Newspapers, follows other former Tories, Alexander Hesketh and Roger Helmer over to the UKIP ranks amidst a growing rift within the Conservative party over Cameron's allegiances to Britain verses his allegiances to Brussels.

Back in 2004 Lord Stevens was expelled from the Conservative Party over his signing of a letter seen to be supportive of UKIP at the time, but has remained faithful to the party until now.

His defection to UKIP is expected to be one of many in the next few months as Conservative MPs, MEPs and previous loyal Tory supporters feel betrayed by the Tory hierarchy who have done nothing to stem the ever encroaching power of Brussels in the lives of Brits which has diluted the democratic process for the people of the United Kingdom.

UKIP have welcomed Lord Steven's move over to UKIP.

Speaking to The Economic Voice UKIP leader Nigel Farage said "It is excellent news that someone with such a track record in business and the media has chosen to join the party at this time. He brings with him a wealth of experience and credibility".

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