David Cameron’s warning to the EU about not standing in the way of British exploitation of shale gas is a direct copy of UKIP policy

The Prime Minister’s announcement in Davos clearly echoes the UKIP line put forward by Energy spokesman Roger Helmer on the morning of the UKIP Party conference and repeated ever since.

Cameron has warned that the EU could prevent Britain from profiting from shale gas reserves by bringing in unnecessary regulations and also stated the economic and employment benefits that would extracting shale gas would bring. He also added that utilising a home grown energy resource is actually lower in emissions than importing gas.

A UKIP spokesman said:

It’s absolutely staggering. This is almost verbatim what Roger Helmer has been saying for months. It was interesting to read this morning yet another attempt by the Conservatives to simply lift UKIP policy and pass it off as their own. This is a clear example of the so-called Crosby strategy of aping your opponent in the hope of undermining them.

It just goes to show how much UKIP is steering UK politics from the wings when the Prime Minister reads out our policy to the World Economic Forum.

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