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The Economic Voice provides news updates and opinion on economics, politics and everything in between.

Writing For The Economic Voice

We are always on the look out for new talented writers who want to make their voices heard to a wider audience. So, if you think you have what it takes to get published by The Economic Voice then please read on.

The first thing to be aware of is that we are not in a position to pay writers, you will be doing it for the exposure you will gain and, if your work is published, we can link back to your own website or blog.

The second thing to be aware of is what we are and are not looking for:

We ARE looking for: news and comment articles (ideally between 300-1,000 words in length) on current affairs and matters of interest that covers subjects such as economics, politics, business, finance, property, culture, lifestyle, sciences and the environment. All work (including any images you send us) must be your own work, original and previously unpublished containing no more than about 10% copied from other sources (which must be credited). We are especially on the look out for people who want to contribute regularly.

What we are NOT looking for: Plagiarised work, 'spun' articles, or articles of a 'how to' nature that are designed purely as a vehicle to link back to your own site for SEO purposes. We also cannot use articles that, for example, just explain what a mortgage is or what life insurance does just to get a sales link back to another site.

Writing for The Economic Voice will give the authors, whether they be professionals, business people, academics, employers, employees, unemployed, house-persons or students, the opportunity to make their views known whilst quietly advertising their name and/or brand to a wide audience.

We do of course retain the right to edit the stories as required.

To get yourself seen and your voice heard send us your first article together with a small head and shoulders photograph of yourself to editor@economicvoice.com.

For those who, for employment or other reasons, wish to remain anonymous please contact us for arrangements to be made.

Have a Story No-one Else will Touch?

If you have a story that you think the media should be covering, please do contact us. We can't promise anything, but you never know.

Our Writers

Current Regular Writers:

Richard Henley Davis (Editor) (richardhenleydavis@economicvoice.com)

Jeff Taylor (Editor) (jeff@economicvoice.com)

Dominic Dean (dominic.dean@economicvoice.com)

Mike Paterson (mike.paterson@economicvoice.com)

Lee Price (lee.price@economicvoice.com)

Paul Daniel (paul.daniel@economicvoice.com)

Robert Jones (robertjones@economicvoice.com)

Israel Rafalovich (israelrafalovich@yahoo.com)

Danny Schechter (dissector@mediachannel.org)

Mark Wadsworth (http://markwadsworth.wordpress.com/)

Marc Brown (brownmarc47@gmail.com)

Ben Davies (bendavies@economicvoice.com)

Ronan Marrion (rmarrion@wwfp.net)

Lee Shepherd (http://www.lslettings.com)

Philip Ridley (info@economicvoice.com)

Dipak Basu – Professor in International Economics, Nagasaki University, Japan (bose66@hotmail.com)

Deryk Houston (dhouston@coastnet.com)

Harriet Protheroe-Davis (harriet@economicvoice.com)

Ben Gosling (beng.turnkey@gmail.com)

The Economic Voice Staff – This authorship is used for the re-publication of material such as press releases and syndicated articles where a specific author has not been communicated to us with the material supplied. Please see our terms and conditions.

Guest Writer – This authorship is used where the author's name is known but they do not have an Economic Voice profile. Please see our terms and conditions.

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