The Law Society's new Conveyancing Quality Scheme designed to improve customer satisfaction while driving down fraud has gone 'live' with its first practitioners having been accepted into the scheme.

The Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) has been developed by the Law Society to produce a 'trusted community' of conveyancing practitioners, the membership of which will ' … establish a level of credibility for member firms with stakeholders (regulators, lenders, insurers and consumers)'.

The first 'flagship' firms to become members of this new scheme are:

  • Martin Elliott & Co Solicitors (Colchester)
  • Boys & Maughan (Kent)
  • Hamers Solicitors LLP (Hull)
  • PCM Solicitors LLP (London)

In order to get their CQS accreditation these firms had to undergo rigorous assessment, something they will have to do annually in the future should they wish to retain membership.

Use of a members only CQS logo goes with membership so the member firms can show potential customers their commitment to good conveyancing practice. There is also the question of combating mortgage fraud, which is estimated to be at the £1 billion a year mark.

Law Society president Linda Lee congratulated the first members and said 'These first practices are the flag bearers of the CQS and this recognition of the quality of their service begins a new chapter in the home buying process. In what is already a crowded conveyancing market, CQS accredited legal practices will be clearly visible to any one looking to buy a home. For what is the most expensive purchase of anyone's lifetime, it is vital that they can rely on the quality service provision of CQS.'

More information on the scheme as well as application forms can be found here.

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