Fourteen individuals, two of whom are convicted terrorists are attempting to sue MI5 and MI6 for alleged mistreatment and breach of their human rights whilst in custody. Further more, highly trained security officers are being removed from front line Counter Terrorist activities to thumb though files in an attempt to negate any litigation.

One could be forgiven for thinking that this is the terrorist’s latest move to weaken the UK’s ability to monitor their movements and activity and, it appears to have been brilliantly successful if it has led to officers being confined to ‘office admin’ rather than fighting back against their murderous intentions.

The men concerned, (the two convicted terrorists) as if to add insult to injury, are using the money from the taxpayers from the country they seek to destroy to fund their lawsuits!  What is even more unbelievable is that they are suing the Security Forces from prison cells where they are serving life terms for their crimes.

It is inevitable that some of the suspected terrorists will be innocent. Not all will be intent of a repeat of 9/11. Unfortunately, some will be. The incredible sight of those planes crashing into those buildings is still crystal clear in my mind. It would appear however that the image is quickly fading from the memories of politicians and the Politically Correct brigade, who now once again and quite insanely can be seen to be putting the human rights of an extreme minority before National Security.

Lest we forget the attempted blowing up of a passenger jet on Boxing Day, purely by       chance did the ‘Detroit bomber’s’ device fail to detonate. This shows that the terrorists are willing and quite able to attack us. So how do we respond? By taking officers from the front line and putting them behind desks to avoid being sued. I think not!

As I have said, not all detainees will be terrorists, and there will be mistakes, where there is innocent people deserve to be compensated. Convicted terrorists do not, their intention is to do us harm. We should not allow them any kind of financial recourse to them for their crimes. We should certainly not be paying for it.

Our only hope is that the High Court Judge, who eventually presides over the case brought by these men, will put more emphasis on innocent men, women and children being able to walk around our cities without fear of being blown up than on the attempt at financial gain from convicted terrorists. Let’s hope upon hope that M’Lud throws the case out.

This will allow those Security officers to go back to what they are trained to do, protect us and provide for our security!

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