Plausible footage of multiple UFOs over Lake Erie is being touted by UFO enthusiasts as the most convincing ever caught on camera.

Michael Lee Hill from Eastlake has caught numerous UFO sightings on camera but this footage he believes is the finest he has taken to date.

The footage shows more than one UFO in the sky above Lake Erie near his home in Eastlake, Ohio which is a hotspot for UFO activity with many reported sightings recorded.

Michael said "It was just probably one of the craziest nights of activity I've ever experienced. I've been filming these fore a long time and its just grown to a point where they've  let me know they know I'm sitting there filming them, every year they'll come in closer and closer".

UFOs caught previously on Fox 8 News have been debunked and identified as aeroplanes by a team from Cleveland Ufology Project which was founded in 1952 who consider themselves to be experts in the field of UFOs.

However Mr Hill and other Ufologists are convinced that this new footage is the real deal because the objects in question remain stationary for long periods of time and he is said to believe that the UFOs will reveal themselves soon enough…

At this time when UFO sightings are increasing in frequency could Michael Hill be right?

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