Oh dear! It looks like Gail McIntyre is going to bury another husband. Scenes have just been shot for the funeral of her onscreen husband Joe McIntyre making that husband number 3 to pop his clogs.

Do you think the Corrie writers could have come up with something a little more original for the serial widow? This is another nail in the coffin for soap operas.

How long can they keep churning out the same story lines for a public of nodding dogs?

The plots on soaps really are becoming thin and predictable to the point of monotony and it is just a matter of time before the public become sick of being treated with the contempt that is apparent by the lack of substance together with the politically correctness of the mind numbing  story lines.

Then again maybe they will just soak it up and the next generation will grow up playing in the living room with parents glued to the box of undelights trying to decipher the plots to incredulous tripe, removing all hope for future generations to grow up in a cultured sophisticated home.

One might think that this is a severe and unjust analysis of  soap operas and overestimates the influence they have on society. But if you go to any pub or workplace and listen to small chat that hovers in the background of any office/factory, you will hear quite in depth breakdown's of the weeks soaps and the gasps of disbelief defy belief themselves.

How can anyone have such reactions of surprise at these Scooby Doo story lines?

This demonstrates the way that soaps have invaded our culture and played a huge part in the dumbing down of an already dumb society.

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