A new super flu could emerge that will be a combination of swine flu and seasonal flu. According to a report in The Express people have begun to contract seasonal and swine flu together. This poses the risk that both co-mingle to form a mutant “Super-Flu” that combines the deadly virulence of swine flu and the uncontrollable communicability of seasonal flu.

Concerns of such an outcome were initially raised in 2009, when a 23 year old Cambodian teacher and one of his younger male students contracted Bird Flu H1N1 and the seasonal flu H3N2 at the same time. Patrick Blair, director of respiratory diseases at the US Naval Health Research Centre in San Diego, California raised credible concerns, published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, that this case demonstrated a potential that the two types of flu could co-mingle and cause a pandemic.

That report stated that co-mingling is rare, which begs the question as to why we are all of a sudden seeing cases of the two co-mingling in the United Kingdom. Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) has issued a statement [1] stating that warnings of a pandemic are being exaggerated, but it does admit that co-mingling and mutation is possible. What has alarm bells ringing is that this year’s seasonal flu vaccine, for the first time, combines the very swine and season flu’s, which The Express has reported are being contracted together. Could vaccine producers and health services be putting the lives of the public at risk in the name of keeping us safe?

The vaccine industry lost many peoples’ trust in 2009, when Bloomberg reported [2] that Baxter International Inc. in Austria was caught sending vials for vaccine production to various laboratories in Europe that were contaminated with live bird flu. They were supposed to only have the seasonal flu virus. This was discovered by a vigilant scientist from the Czech Republic, who tested the vials by injecting them into ferrets. They promptly keeled over and died. Also, in 2008, more than twenty homeless people died in Poland after being used as guinea pigs for an experimental bird flu vaccine.

This would not necessarily be the first time that concerns have been raised. A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine revealed compelling evidence, through analysis of genetics, that swine flu outbreak in America in the 1970’s was caused by the accidental release of swine flu preserved for research purposes from a prior outbreak during the 1950’s. Scientists speculated that the outbreak in 2009 originated from that release because they again found the same strain of influenza.

Other vaccines have been implicated in spreading disease. In 2001 the U.S. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) reported that an outbreak of smallpox occurred in a martial arts gym in Maryland, USA in 2008 after a live smallpox vaccine was administered, for a disease which was supposed to have been previously eradicated from the world.

In 2005, the World Health Organization and the U.S. CDC reported that [3] 70 Nigerian children had been paralyzed by a polio virus outbreak known to have affected at least 1,300, which was derived from the oral vaccine. Two further cases in Niger indicate that outbreak had potential to spread internationally, potentially placing the whole world at risk. The weakened Polio used in the vaccine had apparently crossed with other diseases to produce a virulent mutation capable of causing an outbreak.

Not to be outdone, 120 Nigerian children were then paralyzed in 2009. Polio outbreaks linked to the vaccine also occurred 2001 in the Dominican Republic and Haiti with others in the Philippines, Madagascar, China and Indonesia to name only a few.

This is the same oral Polio vaccine that was contaminated with the monkey cancer virus SV40, which originated from monkey kidney cells used to culture polio virus for the vaccine. That error caused over 98 million Americans to receive a dose of this cancer causing virus between 1955 and 1963, and Bild reported that the current swine flu vaccine is intentionally being cultured using cancer cells from animals. This new combined flu vaccine therefore not only combines seasonal and pandemic flu, but will also include cancer cells from animals if last year’s formulation is being used, creating yet more potential for the cross-species spread of potential pandemic disease.

Other failures include the mumps vaccines. CNN reported in 2010 that a 77% of those suffering a mumps outbreak in New Jersey had been vaccinated, to cite just one more blunder that could have created a pandemic.

Humans are not the only ones affected by such errors. For example, the Health and Safety Executive identified the Government-licensed Pirbright complex in Surrey as the most likely source of the foot and mouth outbreak in England, during 2007, which was used not to clamp down on research facilities, but to cull countless cattle and erect a police state around farming in Britain, enforcing animal ID, regulations that shut down most small abattoirs, restrictions on what farmers feed animals and restrictions on the movement of animals, putting countless farmers out of business, but the research lab of course continued operating.

Government also has a record of deliberately releasing nasties. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, apologized on behalf of the US Government in 2010 for a study carried out by the US Government in Guatemala between 1946 and 1948, where prisoners, mental patients and soldiers were deliberately infected by sexually transmitted diseases including syphilis and gonorrhea. It appears that 696 were exposed to syphilis, 722 to gonorrhea and 142 to Chancroid. Not all received adequate treatment. Would an apology have occurred had it not been for Susan M. Reverby of Wellesley College (wellesley.edu/WomenSt/fac_reverby.html)who investigated this atrocity, presenting her findings to the American Association for the History of Medicine in 2010?

Not satisfied spreading syphilis to third world countries, the Tuskegee experiments were carried out by the U.S Public Health Service between 1932 and 1972, where 600 impoverished African-Americans were studied to investigate the natural progression of untreated syphilis in poor rural back men. They were tricked into believing they were receiving free health care from the U.S. Government. 399 in the experiment had previously contracted the disease, were not told that they had it. They were not provided any treatment but were studied like lab rats by medical officers. This clearly will have caused spread of the disease within the black communities involved placing women and children at risk. The inclusion of 201 men without the disease suggests that researchers wanted to see whether the disease would indeed spread in the community. That study only stopped because of a whistle blower.

Given that the current risk of a pandemic has been identified in Britain, it should be noted that the British Government has a history, declassified, of intentionally exposing citizens to biological and chemical warfare agents. A BBC documentary “Clouds of Secrecy” exposed that top secret trials were carried out between 1953 and 1964 where zinc cadmium sulphide was released to see how cloud would disperse biological agents. The BBC also reported a significant increase in esophageal cancer in Norwich coincided with the spraying of cadmium above the city during the 1960’s.

The most comprehensive expose we have of the British government carrying out atrocities against its people was The Guardian’s reporting of declassified documents which revealed that much of Britain was sprayed with biological and chemical weapons by government scientists from Porton Down between 1940 and 1979. What is most horrific about that story is that the British government was spraying the country with chemical and biological weapons whilst the people were busy fighting during World War II. Examples include bacteria being released on the London Underground in 1956 to see how far it would spread. Scientists carried out similar tests where they attached germs to spiders’ webs in dozens of locations including London’s West End. Between 1955 and 1963, planes flew from north-east England to the tip of Cornwall along the south and west coasts, dropping huge amounts of zinc cadmium sulphide on the country. ‘Land Area Coverage Trials’ exposed more than a million people on the south coast of England to bacteria including e.coli and bacillus globigii, which mimics anthrax.

Sue Ellison, spokeswomen for Porton Down, when asked whether such tests are still being carried out stated “It is not our policy to discuss ongoing research”.

Civil liberties and pandemics

Whilst many fear most of their health during a flu pandemic, a greater issue could be threats to our civil liberties. The much overlooked article 29.(3) of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that the rights provided by the Declaration “cannot be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations”, which is another way of saying that the United Nations can withdraw any rights it sees fit. The UN cements this power in Article 30. By stating that no State, group or person may remove these human rights, thus leaving only the United Nations with jurisdiction to remove our human rights.

This of course, is the opposite of America’s Declaration of Independence, which, to the contrary, states that we are endowed with our rights by our creator, meaning that those rights cannot lawfully be removed by any government for any reason.

Worryingly, the World Health Organization (WHO) expresses a desire to exercise these powers on behalf of the UN in its flu pandemic policy documents. The WHO instructs States, formerly known as Countries by those who still believe in Sovereignty, to designate special status as needed, such as declaring a state of emergency when the WHO announces that a pandemic has reached phases 5 or 6.

WHO documents on the ethics of dealing with pandemics go further to state that what a state of emergency would mean in the context of a flu pandemic. They interpret that international law allows restriction of human rights for the “public good”, which presumably will be determined by the WHO. That States can, during times of public emergency suspend most civil and political rights. They state that, in the context of a pandemic this could include compulsory vaccination, treatment or isolation.

Potential motives for an outbreak

Government has showed capability to carry out experiments to see what happens when biological agents are released, but the above scenario reveals a potential motive for this occurring right now. In the face of a banking crisis that threatens the very foundations of the E.U. could the WHO provide Europe authority to implementation martial law if citizens demand to voice legitimate grievance through democratic process? After all, David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain recently instructed MP’s to ignore a petition of 100,000 citizens which demanded a debate on Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

Restoring liberties

The above should encourage Britons to go further and commence a to call for withdrawal from the UN to re-establish British Common Law as the primary law of the land, to regain ancient liberties contained within the Magna Carta. Habeas Corpus, for example, protects people against arbitrary state action by guaranteeing that Britons have their day in Court prior to incarceration or other actions by the State, but the WHO state they can by-pass that simply because they demand that a state of emergency be announced.

Whilst this may not occur, even in our lifetimes, the mere possibility that it could be imposed upon our children or grandchildren should be enough to make us demand that these regulations be dismantled immediately.

There should also be a serious look at the State apparatus which allows national secrecy and legal immunity for government when it carries out atrocities against its people.

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Philip Ridley is the London Chapter Leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation. (www.westonaprice.org/london)

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