Another day another scandal of corruption in high places. Now it’s some council bosses with their piggy noses jammed firmly in the trough!

The Telegraph has followed up on its MPs expenses scandal scoop with a piece on how some of our council bosses are now milking the system.

Senior officials, it says, flew first class around the world stayed in exotic locations, attended sports events and concerts and bought personal items such as iPads, wine and suits. And how did they pay? With credit cards charged to the taxpayer of course!

The Telegraph reports that one council official even bought a present costing over £100 for their chauffeur.

The Telegraph obtained records of spending from 340 local authorities, which shows some of these people racking up expenses on their taxpayer cards in the tens of thousands of pounds bracket.

The secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, said of course that he was shocked by these revelations. “I find it astonishing that certain chief executives thought this was an appropriate use of public money.” he said. And he then went on to say that better controls need to put in place.

What might be a better idea might be to employ more trustworthy people in these positions of power.

These people stayed in some really swanky places while their staff fear for their jobs and the people who pay for their trips via their taxes face having services cut.

After the MPs scandal and the last three years of economic turmoil you just could not make this stuff up. Those found guilty of misappropriating funds must be held properly to account and more prison space made available if required.

But before you boil over and get the nooses out remember that this isn’t all council bosses. Some of them are responsible and honest and are trying to reign their spending in.

Also, remember to aim some of your bile at the local politicians who have allowed this to happen under their noses.

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