While everyone else is being forced to tighten their belts during these hard economic times, local councils look for ways to keep the money flowing in at other peoples' expense.

It turns out that local councils, hell bent on maintaining their ability to spend instead of finding ways to save, are seeking the power to impose London levels of parking fines in their own areas. This will effectively double the fines for the rest of the country.

Whenever the question of parking fines or clamping comes up we are told they are there for our own good and are designed to keep traffic flowing. But in reality most of the fines issued are for overstaying at, or not paying for, an allotted parking space. These spaces are not placed where they affect the flow of traffic.

Councils have already been trying to increase the scope of places where they can charge for car parking but now they want to increase the fines too.

The councils must be told by central government that to impose fines designed for the relatively affluent London area on the rest of the country is totally unfair. Councils must do what the coalition government intends for the country, to find and impose cuts and efficiencies on the way they do business.

With VAT due to rise soon, more expensive fuel, wage freezes and public transport fares going up any increases in parking fees and fines are completely unwarranted.

But is this not what you expect from minor politicians who are so used to spending other peoples' money. When the flow starts dropping and threatens their little world what easier way to make sure they are unaffected than to look for an easy target to mug? And who is the easiest target? Why the motorist of course! We can think up any number of plausible 'congestion' or 'green' reasons for kicking them can't we? And that age old argument always comes up, if you don't wan the fine then park properly.

If councils really want to assist people in their area they would be better off looking to lower parking fees and fines so as to attract customers in for their local goods and services, instead of trying to alienate them and force them away.

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