Local authorities across England are being asked to cut unsightly yellow lines as part of a government drive to rid the streets of clutter.

Local Transport Minister Norman Baker has today (4 October 2013) urged local authorities to think about using restricted parking zones, instead of automatically opting to use yellow lines to control parking, particularly in single streets and environmentally-sensitive areas in towns and cities.

Restricted parking zones require a limited number of signs which tell motorists if they can or can not park and during which times and are considered less intrusive than conventional yellow lines. Many local authorities in England have already adopted restricted parking zones including Cheshire East Council, Cornwall, Slough, Warwickshire, Suffolk and Nottingham.

In a letter to councils, the Transport Minister Norman Baker has encouraged other local authorities across the country to follow suit.

Norman Baker said:

Road Signs by Derek Harper

Road Signs by Derek Harper

"No one wants to see unnecessary yellow lines blotting our towns and villages when there is an alternative. They are a clear eyesore that can be intrusive and can have a huge impact on the look and feel of our streets, particularly in historic town centres or conservation areas.

"I encourage local authorities to think about the use of restricted parking zones. They can be used to improve the visual impact of the street while providing clear information to motorists."

The department issues help and guidance to councils on the design and implementation of restricted parking zones through chapter 3 of the Traffic signs manual.

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