As 1st November 2014 approaches more and more people are becoming aware of the sweeping changes that we wake up to that day on how the UK is to be run in the future.

All the member states of the European Union lose the veto in huge areas of public policy overnight – all signed away years ago in the Lisbon Treaty, the repercussions of which were never properly explained to the British people. This is something only an ardent federalist EU fanatic would view as a good thing.

The impact of that is that all EU states, big and small, must comply with laws agreed by the majority under qualified majority voting (QMV). That means the final decisions in all these areas will rest at European level, not state level.

The list of policy areas affected is extensive as you can see from the table below.

For those that are just becoming aware of the situation there are some areas over which the UK government loses control on that date that will (or should) leave you staggered.

Defence for example. What effect would QMV have on how we structure our armed forces and react to threats to the UK? What impact could it have on our ability to defend such interests as the Falkland Islands?

Border checks and immigration is another. We have already lost our borders with the EU, but as of November 1st (111 days and counting) decisions over who can enter the UK are going to be made by the EU.

Police and crime. Looking at the list there don’t seem to be many areas left where the UK will have any final say.

Energy. That would surely put decisions about oil production, coal, nuclear energy, fracking (hydraulic fracturing) and how/when we use green energy beyond UK control.

Tourism and sport. Why on earth are tourism and sport included here? Surely we can be left to deal with that ourselves.

In the final analysis how can a state consider itself sovereign if it cannot decide:

• how and when to defend itself

• who can and cannot enter the country

• on its own energy security needs

Now it becomes clearer as to why our current politicians are kicking so many big decisions into the long grass – except of course those already ordered by the EU (like HS2). We can’t make decisions about such things as power stations, the nuclear deterrent or maybe even replacing the Red Arrows until we know the EU stance on all these matters.

EU Flag -

EU Flag –

As I said above, only an EU federalist would see this as a sensible way ahead. And as the the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats and Green Party are all signed up to the EU project that makes all of them EU federalists – whatever they tell you. Look at what they are actually doing to our sovereignty, not what they say they are going to do. So give that some thought before you vote next time, whether it be at EU, national or local level.

Apart from the federalists who welcome this, only the ignorant, the wilfully blind and those in denial would be oblivious to the true impact of QMV on our sovereign law-making ability and our gradual assimilation into the EUSSR.

The people of the UK deserve better than this shoddy sell out. The truth should be spelt out to clearly and unambiguously followed by an IN/OUT referendum – the sooner the better.

UKIP MEP Patrick O’Flynn said in a statement:

“So much for the Prime Minister’s assurance that any proposal by him for a transfer of sovereignty to Brussels would be accompanied by a referendum. In the small-print it no doubt says that this applies only to future treaties and not to the ongoing consequences of the ones already signed – but that will cut little ice with the British people.

“We need a referendum on these matters now – not a vague promise of one in three years’ time. I also urge people to support the excellent petition on the 38 Degrees website calling on the Government to institute negotiations to leave the EU under Lisbon’s Article 50 before the loss of vetoes and further move to Qualified Majority Voting takes place.

“David Cameron, George Osborne and in fact the whole Tory Party are being unmasked as plastic sceptics when it comes to protecting British national sovereignty.

“These events show yet again that only UKIP can be trusted to take on the Brussels machine whenever it seeks to carry out another power grab.”


There is also a petition running on (Withrawal of the UK from the EU using article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty by 1st Nov 2014) and I urge people to sign it.

List of new QMV policy areas (from Wikipedia)

  • Initiatives of the High Representative for Foreign Affairs
  • Rules concerning the Armaments Agency
  • Freedom to establish a business
  • Self-employment access rights
  • Freedom, security and justice – cooperation and evaluation
  • Border checks
  • Asylum
  • Immigration
  • Crime prevention incentives
  • Eurojust
  • Police cooperation
  • Europol
  • Transport
  • European Central Bank
  • Culture
  • Structural and Cohension Funds
  • Organisation of the Council of the European Union
  • European Court of Justice
  • Freedom of movement for workers
  • Social security
  • Criminal judicial cooperation
  • Criminal law
  • President of the European Council election
  • Foreign Affairs High Representative election
  • Funding the Common Foreign and Security Policy
  • Common defense policy
  • Withdrawal of a member state
  • General economic interest services
  • Diplomatic and consular protection
  • Citizens initiative regulations
  • Intellectual property
  • Eurozone external representation (does not affect the UK but is part of the general list)
  • Sport
  • Space
  • Energy
  • Tourism
  • Civil protection
  • Administrative cooperation
  • Emergency international aid
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Response to natural disasters or terrorism
  • Economic and Social Committee
  • Committee of the Regions
  • Economic and Social Committee
  • The EU budget

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