A different-sex couple become the first in the UK to get a civil partnership in a ceremony on the Isle of Man

Martin Loat and Claire Beale from London travelled to the Isle of Man for their ceremony last Friday, as different-sex civil partnerships are currently banned in the UK. They want their union to be recognised by the UK government now or in the future if, as they hope, civil partnerships are extended to different-sex couples.

Their ceremony came just one week after Adeline Cosson and Kieran Hodgson became the first people in the British Isles to get a different-sex civil partnership when the Isle of Man-based couple celebrated their ceremony in Douglas. It comes two weeks before Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld, another different-sex couple from London, appear at the Royal Courts of Justice seeking to have the current UK ban on different-sex civil partnerships overturned.

Speaking before the ceremony Mr Loat and Ms Beale said:

"We respect that other people in committed, lasting relationships might want to opt for marriage, but it's not right for us. We regard ourselves as one of the millions of 'happily unmarried' couples in the UK.  We want a less encumbered, light-touch civil union that recognises our relationship on our terms, free from the trappings and social pre-conditions of marriage, while protecting our family financially and in law."


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