Wendy, who walked out on her husband ten years ago for another man, has got the courts to order her ex-spouse to hand over £2 million of his lottery winnings to her.

Sky News and The Sun report that this settlement awarded to the 43 year old ex-wife may well be the first time that a lottery winner has been ordered to do this.

An earlier offer to settle of £1 million had already been rejected according to The Sun newspaper.

Nigel Page was said to be ‘gutted’ at the decision.

Whatever the merits of the case divorce lawyer Vanessa Lloyd Platt said that there may be one of two reasons that the order was made. The fist is that the divorce may have involved a ‘split settlement’ and the second that he was still paying ongoing maintenance.

In these cases the ex-spouse can always come back for more money later.

For Mr Page, now remarried and living in a £4 million house in the Cotswolds, it only(?) cost him £2 million of his £56 million winnings. Others may not come out so lucky on a scale of proportion.

One also wonders of the courts made the decision more with their shared daughter Ella in mind as opposed to the ex-wife alone.

This should be a double lesson to all divorcees.

First lesson, make sure you take good legal advice, however expensive, and understand what can come back and bite you in the behind in later years.

The second lesson is, if you receive a wind-fall keep your lips well and truly sealed. But Mr Page may find his ex the least of his worries as burglars, scammers and ‘old friends’ start eyeing his fortune. As well as all the legitimate and otherwise charities, good causes and beggars that will now fill his letterbox with junk mail.

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