• One-in-ten have split or divorced from partner due to hidden credit card purchases

• Half of consumers admit to using a credit card to fund their wardrobe

• Secret credit card spends include funerals, IVF treatment and boob jobs

Hidden credit card purchases are causing rifts between couples, with one in ten Brits separating or divorcing their partner as a result, according to research from MoneySupermarket.

The UK’s number one comparison website surveyed consumers about their credit card spending habits, and the results reveal that one in ten people have either separated from their partner or even gone as far as divorcing as a result of being found out for secret spending. A further one in ten (nine per cent) also admitted that secret credit card spending caused arguments with their partner. Of the 15 per cent who confessed to lying to their other half about their credit card spend, a third (36 per cent) said this was because they knew they would be angry, and a further one in three (35 per cent) said they knew their partner wouldn’t approve of their spending.

The research also found that women have a much guiltier conscience when it comes to credit card bills and are 60 per cent more likely to hide a statement from their other half. This is despite the fact that men actually splash out almost £100 more per month on average, spending £360 in comparison to their female counterparts who spend £274 each month.

Big Spenders

MoneySuperMarket also found that people use their credit card to fund a luxury lifestyle just as much as to buy essentials, with half of the population (50 per cent) stating they buy clothes and shoes with their card, and half (50 per cent) also stating they use their credit card for living costs such as utility bills, rent, petrol and food. Surprisingly, it is the older generation that is more frivolous with their credit cards and more likely to splash the cash on material goods, with two-thirds (64 per cent) of those aged over 55 years stating they use their credit card to buy clothes and shoes.

Bank Cards-3 © The Economic VoiceBrits even said they use their credit card to fund important life events such as cosmetic surgery, IVF treatment and even their own funerals.

Clare Francis, Editor-in-chief at MoneySuperMarket, said: “Clearly some people keep the amount they spend on their credit card close to their chest, which is not necessarily an issue as long as they are honest with themselves and keep on top of their bills.

With so many great credit card offers available – 0 per cent purchase periods, cashback and reward cards – it can make sense to put your spending on plastic. Using a credit card can also help improve your credit rating. However, this all assumes you can keep up with your monthly repayments, ideally paying your balance off in full.

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