The crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers has published its list of the ten most wanted fraudsters in the country.

These fraudsters are believed to have been responsible for committing over £200 million in fraud.

As founder of Crimestoppers, Lord Ashcroft, KCMG, points out, fraud 'It is not a victimless crime. Every single one of us is paying higher taxes, bank charges and insurance fees because of fraud.'

The Top Ten:

Nasser Ahmed is wanted for participation in a £156 million VAT fraud in the Bristol area. He absconded during his trial and was sentenced to 6 years in his absence.

Timur Mehmet is also wanted for a VAT fraud of £25 million and is another who absconded and was sentenced in his absence to 8 years imprisonment. He has links with North London.

Misba Uddin is a financial professional wanted for submitting £5.7 million worth of fraudulent mortgage applications and then transferring the money into his own accounts.

Ajayi Seun is another professional, an Old Kent Road  solicitor believed to have defrauded mortgage lenders and banks out of £12 million.

Peter Stead is alleged to have callously tricked money out of Derby landlords on the pretext that he would deliver a comedy night to raise funds to send a 4 year old cancer sufferer to the US for treatment.

CrimestoppersNicholas Slocombe is wanted in connection with numerous reports of bogus charity collecting. He was arrested and bailed but later failed to appear.

Jascent Nkawunde (aka Tania or Tracey Bird) is wanted for questioning regarding a £35,000 fraud in Cardiff in 2007/2008. The 33 year old was employed in a position of trust caring for an 80 year old woman from whom she stole money.

Mohammad Khan purchased high value items to the tune of £100,000 using counterfeit credit cards.

Ms Unknown is a woman suspected of falsely procuring a debit card from one bank branch then going to three others branches and transferring out all the money from the associated accounts and wiring it across the world buying some high value vehicles in the process.

Kevin Andrew Leitch. The aptly named Leitch took Cornish holiday bookings from at least seven people, received deposits of in the region of £1,000 then later cancelled saying the property was no longer available and not returning the deposits.

Crimestoppers can be contacted on 0800 555 111.

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