This short video will be a bit of an eye opener to anyone who doesn't realise that our banks actually create money from nothing, then lend it back to us and demand interest in return for the pleasure.

To make that worse, it is actually the signature of the borrower that creates the money.

There is a really catchy tag line at the end:

Plan B:

Cut the benefits to the Bankers out,

Not the things we care about!

It also puts the cuts into perspective with regard to rescuing banks but not jobs, hospitals and schools.

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This concept of banks creating money from thin air will come as a surprise to many, but a quick look on your favourite search engine for the term 'fractional reserve banking' or 'money as debt' will fill in a lot of gaps.

When you have looked into it you may ask yourself 'if bankers creating money is so bad, why don't governments do something about it?'

The answer of course is that they've got their own snouts in that same trough in that politicians need the banks in order to retain what semblance of power they still have. (As well as nice little earners when they leave the House of course!)

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