David Cameron's pledge to cut business regulations is little more than a 'smoke screen' according to property entrepreneur Will Davies.

"He has missed the point: removing a bit of red tape isn't going to be what makes the difference to SME's, but following through on some of the plans he has floated would be," said Mr Davies, who is the founder and MD of property maintenance and refurbishment company aspect.co.uk.

Speaking to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) conference this week David Cameron pledged that his government would be the first to end their term in power with less business regulations on the statue books than when they started.

Mr Cameron said that 3,000 regulations would have been either dropped or changed before the election in 2015.

"I'm afraid this is little more than a smoke screen to divert attention from the fact that this government has not been able to create a cost effective lending environment for small and growing businesses," said Mr Davies, who was a was a mergers & acquisitions expert at Societe Generale before creating aspect.co.uk

Red Tape-1 © The Economic Voice"David Cameron has spoken about plans to make the banks lend at sensible rates to small businesses and he has spoken about a business investment bank but he has been unable to drive through these aspirations effectively enough," said Mr Davies.

Mr Cameron said that reducing red tape, cutting business rates and scrapping the jobs tax from April 2015 were the best ways that his government could help small businesses grow.

"Small businesses need access to funding so they can grow and drive the economy forwards and removing a bit regulation is pretty unimportant in the scheme of things," said Mr Davies.

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