Here is today’s financial update from the Economic Voice for Friday 30th July 2021.

The FTSE 100 starts the day at 7,078.42.
And the FTSE 250 starts at 22,050.46.
Gold will cost you £1,313 an ounce, silver £18.38 an ounce, and platinum £765 an ounce.
Cable is $1.40, and one pound sterling will buy you €1.17.

And here are some reports and speeches you might want to take a look at today:

French GDP data quarter on quarter to quarter two.
The Italian unemployment rate to June and GDP data year on year and quarter on quarter to quarter two.
K.O.F. Leading Indicator for Switzerland.
German GDP data quarter on quarter to quarter two.
Eurozone GDP and CPI data together with the unemployment rate.
US Core Personal Consumption Expenditures and personal income month on month to June. As well as the Chicago Purchasing Managers Index and the Michigan Consumer Confidence Index.
And Canada releases its GDP data.

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