Is your database system showing performance errors? Performance issues may arise due to a number of reasons even with state-of-the-art database systems such as Oracle.

It not just about how perfectly the database queries are written or the structure of the database, things may go wrong at any time. You need to be careful about the performance-linked problems, and get those resolved quickly in order to make your business thrive.

Once the performance of the database application deteriorates, the business process automatically slows down and the end users are severely affected. Remember, in the highly competitive market scenario, a business many lose significant business leads and customers just due to the deficiencies in their database application.

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How to tackle performance degradation

There are many reasons for performance degradation in database systems and applications. So, it is necessary for the organizations to find an ideal set of DBA tools and an experienced team to monitor performance and fix the issues on time. Many of the organizations primarily rely on Oracle DBA systems for easy information accessibility, security, and effective management purpose.

A fault can prove to be fatal. Even if there is a minor fault in the system, it is necessary to call out for an expert Oracle DBA consultant to troubleshoot it rather than waiting for things to go out of your hand.

Performance issues

Performance issues are usually associated with database administration. Some are easy to resolve with appropriate database consulting, whereas others can give you many sleepless nights. It may be purely written database queries or improper database design, which stands responsible for poor performance.

For a random Oracle DBA consultant, it is the ability to collect the exact metrics on the database usage (in light of the business objectives) when identifying specific database problems that plays vital.

Slowing down of database application

On of the most significant indications of imminent database failure is slowing down of the system, which used to perform faster. You can see that the online transaction processing applications are the common examples for such slowing down behavior. The multi-batch bulk database applications such as year-end auditing or payroll processing have the tendency to slow down over time.

In such scenarios, it becomes very difficult to closely monitor such processing workloads with the use of any performance management tools. So, the DBA analysts need to rely on advanced methods to detect these problems effectively from the end-user complaints and also to troubleshoot them instantly.

System outages

If a system goes down suddenly, we can assume that the performance of the database is surely worse. An outage can happen due to database problems such as space shortage or unavailability of resources including data packages, partition space, or data set.

Some database solutions can ensure best performance with hardware upgrades. Such hardware upgrades can happen frequently, and a lot of reputable organizations are upgrading their services consistently to serve bigger and updated purposes, while constantly increasing the memory and storage capacities. So, make the choice wisely when you look for DBA services to enjoy a hassle-free database experience.

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Sujain Thomas is a DBA specialist with an expertise in Oracle database consulting and remote DBA. She maintains a dedicated blog and forum for database discussions.

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