David Cameron's  father Ian Cameron has passed away on holidays in France aged 77. Ian suffered a stroke which combined with serious heart problems proved to be fatal.

Ian and Mary Cameron were holidaying in Toulon on the south coast of France in what has been described as a happy family holiday.

His son the British Prime Minister managed to be by his side as he passed away after cancelling his appearance at Prime Minister's questions and having assistance from Nicolas Sarkozy who provided helicopter transport to the hospital where his father lay gravely ill.

The prime minister is said to be incredibly sad at the loss of his beloved father who was an inspiration to David throughout his life.

Ian Cameron had bravely battled with disability during his life, which resulted in him losing an eye and having both his legs amputated below the knee yet through this adversity he became a very successful and respected stock broker.

David has described his father as his "Role Model" and "Hero" and it is clear that our Prime Minister is a family man and not afraid to show his affection and love for his family so Ian's death will affect him deeply.

David has lost his 6 year old son Ivan and his father in the past 19 months after watching them both fight for their very lives over many years and this will have tempered David's steel and given us a Prime Minister who may very well be able to do what so many of his predecessors have failed in.

Empathising with the British people.

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