In an appalling U-Turn, David Cameron has allowed the official Conservative Party Christmas cards to contain only ‘politically correct’ images and messages. This is despite his rant two years ago over cards that do not mention the word Christmas.

This has caused serious disquiet with certain members of the party. MP for Shipley, Philip Davies has said “If this decision has been made on a PC basis it would be totally unacceptable and I would be extremely saddened.”

The cards can be bought for £3.90p for five. There are actually two designs available. ‘Season’s Greetings’ which are devoid of anything Christmassy and ‘Merry Christmas’ which are devoid on the front of anything Christmassy but do say the words “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” inside. On the front of both snow, ordinary trees and robins abound.

Is this the flavour of a Tory government to come? Hard in words but weak in deeds. Will we be seeing a succession of U-Turns over the years as they retract on what they said last year?

This is sending out the wrong sort of message. It makes David Cameron look like an intellectual pillow, bearing the impression of the last person who spoke to him.

We will of course now be subjected to the usual ‘David wasn’t involved’ and the designs were chosen by someone else etc. Sorry, won’t wash. Cameron is the Leader of the Conservative Party and presumably he will be signing and sending out a few himself. So he would surely have been asked to comment.

Now where does he go, support the card or be seen to do another U-Turn and come out with some new designs?

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