According to the famous Baywatch and Knight Rider star has been released from hospital after a three day drinking binge which resulted in his daughter having to take David for treatment in the LA area.

Hasselhoff, who has been battling alcohol abuse for some years, found himself back inside for treatment because of a relapse with the demon drink which has marred his reputation over the years, especially after the video of him eating a burger whilst being rather piddled which is both very sad and a giggle in a perverse way.

Poor chap seems like he needs help but he is rich enough to get himself sorted out when there are many less fortunate than David who suffer alone and without the luxury of walking straight into a rehabilitation program.

We are all very quick to judge a drunk and I know because from years ago I am a recovered alcoholic myself and still have to watch my alcohol intake to this day.

If it gets too much I keep away from it for prolonged periods of time but I will always be a stones throw away from two bottles of vodka a day, so I have a good idea of what David is going through.

Its hard for the alcoholic but even harder for those around you.

If you're behaving like a prat because of your self destructive ways and are a potential danger to others one would think that at some point the light would switch on and the alcoholic/drug addict would snap out of it and come to their senses. But the nature of addiction is too clever and devious to allow rational thought to enter the addict's mind.

Distance is the key so if these reports are correct I hope that there is a moment of lucidity where David drops his life as it stands and walks into a clinic for rehabilitation and distances himself from drink whilst learning coping mechanisms for when he leaves rehab.

If the reports are wrong and he has his act together then good ho.

But either way if there is any substance misuser out there reading this, the only piece of advice I can give is  you must be truthful with yourself because that is 90% of the battle.

Don't pretend that you can control something that is clearly destroying your life and the lives of those around you.

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