The body of what appears to be a dead alien has been caught on video by two walkers in Siberia.

The footage which was taken in Irkutsk, which is located in the south of Siberia features a two foot high decomposed corpse of an alien looking creature with a missing limb has taken YouTube by storm with over 1 million views.

The validity of the footage remains uncertain however most You Tube viewers have expressed their concern over whether  the creature is of biological origin or rubber origin.

The footage follows last month's mass sightings of a UFO (In a location where there are unusually high numbers of UFO sightings) flying towards the area where the 'body' was found.

Staff from the Emergencies Ministry did not take the matter with a pinch of salt and launched an investigation into the reported crash and surprisingly the plot thickens because there were no reported aircraft in the area at the time.

The alien body which looks remarkable convincing could be the product though of a very talented special effects (not CG) wizard who was able to craft a very convincing model and stick it in the ground as a hoax.

But then again it could be the genuine article.

Have we become cynical to the point where we dismiss everything that does not conform with the 'rational' view of the universe?

Or are there still some people out there with an open mind?

One thing is for sure and that is news about aliens is become ever more frequent.

I wonder why.

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