Citizens of Britain,

It is with deep regret that I inform you that the once great country your forefathers toiled and fought for is no more. Your apathy and greed has resulted in a degeneration of society the likes of which are akin to a corpse left in the open for the scavengers to feed off whilst you rot blissfully unaware of your circumstances as a crow drops a piece of your own flesh into your own decaying mouth.

Your tepid belief that the feudal society of old has been banished and that you enjoy freedom and liberty is based on your comparisons on comparisons you draw with other countries where a lesser degree of equality is experienced and not because your own circumstance is utopian.

The feudal lords have been replaced by financiers, bankers and politicians which govern your rights and liberties in the same way that a Norman lord once governed his tenants. Your sons and daughters fight for wars that neither yourself nor the politicians can justify at the bequest of multinational corporations as they bravely lay down their lives for a cause that will serve a few and not the many you must be wondering how has it come to this?

Your children's lives are as precious as the day you first held them and your pain and anguish at their loss and justification for their deaths remains unanswered. Those who sent them to war are now enjoying their holidays in the sun as your children die under the same sun in a far off country.

In the words of Harry Patch "Give your leaders each a gun and then let them fight it out themselves"

If Gordon Brown and the rest of the cabinet wish to go to war then let us send them off to war.

To you the brave soldiers fighting in far off countries I can only imagine with total inadequacy what your going through and I salute your bravery and you may think that the people back home don't support you but we do.
You are our sons, daughters, fathers, friends, uncles, aunts etc…and it is OUR shame that you have been sent to war without the adequate provision you so deserve to meet a task that most of us in the comfort of our homes would balk at in fear.

No matter if the cause is right or wrong the soldiers who we send out to fight should have our full support. If we dislike the cause then we should march together against it every day until we bring our friend's and families back home from that God forsaken country and give them the hero's welcome they deserve….anyone who gives them any less and protests against our boys should be thrown out of the country forthwith.

If you have quarrel with the war then apportion the blame correctly and stop protesting against our troops and protest against the idiots that sent them. If they have such convictions about the war then I am sure they will enlist to fight and if they don't then they should remember that war has one price……lives.

If we are willing to send our young to die for a few oil and gas deals to make a few rich then we deserve the repercussions of our apathy.

Citizens of Britain your taxes fund all that you find abhorrent and unjust. The house you grew up with as a child left to you by your parents could pay (via inheritance tax) for your children to be sent to their deaths, your income tax, capital gains tax and VAT will will do the same.

Sickening isn't it?

So citizens of Britain, who are the scavengers that feed off you?

Politicians who's fraudulent expenses claims go unprosecuted, Bankers who profit at the taxpayers misery and multinational corporations so powerful they keep the governments in their pockets. Their influence and reach is immeasurable and what little democracy you are fooled into accepting is there to make sure that your all good boys and girls because your free are you not? After all you get to vote on your rights and liberties directly don't you? you choose which law you agree with in a national democratic vote yes?………….NO you don't you elect someone who you may pass on his or her return to his or her constituency in which you live and that representative is pulled into the party line by the whips….your personal view is immaterial to them. Over 75% of the laws in this country are passed in The European Parliament by representatives from other countries who are unaware of your existence and are motivated by trade agreements between different nations…..they are payed a handsome wage for this privilege.

You will vote for whichever party will serve your immediate circumstance through an ever changing lie called a "party manifesto" and you will be driven by your own personal greed and conscience which is molded by the media (Again dictated by the interests of the media moguls) towards the ballot box and tick the easiest short term box and go home duped into a false sense of democracy as you send your MP/AM/MEP off to represent your interests.

It is a con, your working towards your own demise and that of your country and children.

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