The human race has been devastated by the news that Declan Donnelly AKA Dec (from Ant and Dec) has split up with his girlfriend Georgie Thompson.

A spokesperson for Donnelly said "Nobody else was involved and they remain good friends."

Speaking to The Sun Dec said he was  "upset and disappointed" and "I'll always have fond memories." And outside his home he said "I honestly don't want to go into why we split."

The couple, who were set up by television host and mutual friend Kirsty Gallacher, lived in separate homes with Dec living a stone's throw away from his best mate and on-screen sidekick Ant McPartlin.

Georgie, who is a Sky Sports News Presenter, is said to have been upset by Donnelly not wanting to move the relationship on any further i.e. marriage/living together and rumours in the media persist that the breakup was down to Declan's lack of strong commitment but that could be a load of rubbish as is most speculation in the mainstream media.

Georgie's family were said to be very fond of Dec and the split has upset blah blah blah blah…..

All very sad but who gives a stuff really?(Other than the immediate friends and family of both involved.)

The world's economy is collapsing around us, wars rage, the weather is against us etc…..

But the mainstream establishment, gutter press decide that its worth printing the trivialities of a celebrity's life on their front pages…… just in case we are not quite stupid enough….

OK it is a bit sad….Dec seems like a really decent bloke but to add perspective there are people in much worse circumstances tonight not knowing if they or their children will see tomorrow.

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